The end of LASIK hair removal

See the flesh of this woman’s face and under her throat, which has fallen to this day due to laser hair removal, and don’t let your skin into the hands of unscrupulous people.

A woman has become a victim of a cosmetic surgery operation due to the lack of expertise of special technicians for this work in England. A 55-year-old black woman who used laser reconstructive surgery to remove unwanted facial hair due to improper adjustment of the radiation from Technicians have faced the problem of severe skin burns, painful wounds and loss of facial flesh.


Experts and technicians have used the highest level of power of the laser device in connection with this woman, which caused the loss of her facial skin.

It should be noted that this woman currently has to use all kinds of masks and makeup to cover the scary effects of laser on her face.

After researching, this woman realized that the people who used the laser device on her face did not have any kind of training to do this.

25 September 1393 23:33

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