The fastest natural way to cure a cold

Do you always get bored and feel you do not have the energy you need? Do you feel a sore throat and can not swallow saliva? Does your nose run out of water, so no doubt you have a cold. No one can sleep in a life where all this work is done because of a cold to get better, so in this section we will explain very simple ways to get better with colds faster.

1. Be conscientious about hygiene
This is one of the easiest and most important ways to improve. Wash your hands regularly and often, especially after handling objects such as door handles and keyboards or handshakes. Try to use antibacterial and moisturizing toilet liquid to get rid of germs and your hands do not dry out due to excessive washing.
If the flu and cold cause a stuffy nose and talk to your nose; It is important to fin to relieve nasal congestion. Use soft, high-quality paper towels and always have handkerchiefs in your home, bag or pocket when you leave home; There is nothing worse than not having a handkerchief to clean your nose when you sneeze suddenly.

2. Develop the habits of a healthy life
Eat simple, nutrient-dense foods such as soups, fruits and vegetables for your body. Do not attack your immune system and avoid caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and processed foods. Make sure you are hydrated by consuming plenty of water and fluids; To help reduce inflammation and congestion. The best options are purified water, coconut water and a variety of herbal teas. Make sure you get more sleep than your body needs because your body needs all the energy it needs to fight the virus, and getting plenty of sleep will give it time to charge and collect nutrients.

3. Increase safety
Use a variety of herbs that strengthen the immune system. If you have a sore throat, make a soothing drink with warm water, honey, some lemon juice (fresh lemon juice if possible) and a little ginger and sip it. And one incredibly simple thing you can do is add more garlic to your meals; This will make your lunch and dinner a great immune booster.


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