The food of a lactating woman

Women who are breastfeeding should pay more attention to their diet. Some foods can be useful in increasing your milk and also provide useful vitamins and minerals. Try to follow a healthy diet during this period and it will cause Strengthen your and your baby’s physical strength. In this article, we have brought you interesting nutritional suggestions.

As you know, breast milk ensures the growth and fitness of the child in the future. During this period, both the mother and the baby need more micronutrients and calories even than in the third trimester of pregnancy. The body’s need for these nutrients increases during breastfeeding to help produce more milk. Mothers who have a balanced diet actually pass this food pattern to their children in the future. In the following, we mention some useful foods for this period.

Avocado is rich in unsaturated fat, fiber and potassium. The presence of this fat in babies is necessary for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, such as A, E, K and D. Breast milk provides about 50% of this fat.

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Pumpkin seeds are a very good source of protein, fiber and iron. Iron is necessary for the proper growth of body cells, especially brain cells. During this time, both the mother and the baby need iron supplements to avoid anemia. Only consuming 28 grams of pumpkin seeds per day can provide half of the iron needed during breastfeeding.


Potatoes are a very good source of vitamin A, potassium and carotenoids. The presence of vitamin A in the body is necessary for strengthening vision, immune system function and bone growth. Even if the mother’s intake of vitamin A is more than needed during pregnancy, a small amount of it is stored in the baby’s body. Since babies depend on breast milk for the vitamin A they need to grow, a medium-sized potato can provide all the vitamin A a mother and baby need.


Yogurt is rich in calcium, probiotics and protein. Calcium strengthens the muscles and nervous system, which helps the growth of bones and teeth. Breastfeeding mothers may lose 300 to 400 mg of calcium from their body daily due to breastfeeding, so it is necessary to eat foods rich in calcium during the day.

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December 3, 2015 21:39

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