The harms of noodles

1. Noodles contain harmful preservatives

Preservatives called BHA and TBHQ are the main preservatives that are added to instant noodles to prevent them from becoming sour.
BHA doubles the shelf life of noodles and TBHQ triples its shelf life. Although the US Food and Drug Administration approves the moderate use of TBHQ; But if the noodles are exposed to preservatives for a long time, it becomes carcinogenic.
BHA is also on the list of chemicals that interfere with endocrine function. The endocrine system is responsible for producing and regulating hormones.

۲. They are not easily digested

This is more harmful than you think. Researchers at Massachusetts Hospital used a small camera to observe the effect of noodles on the gastrointestinal tract within 32 hours. In this video, the stomach was working hard and constantly contracting and expanding to break up the noodles. The noodles remained undigested for a long time and put a lot of pressure on the digestive tract.

In addition, noodles staying in the gastrointestinal tract for a long time means that you are overexposed to chemicals and preservatives that are carcinogenic. This leads to asthma, anxiety and diarrhea and has a negative effect on the reproductive organs and liver.

For these reasons, avoid eating noodles

3. Increases the risk of heart disease

Metabolic syndrome is defined as a group of symptoms that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. According to one study, women who eat noodles 2-3 times a week are more likely to develop metabolic syndrome. In the process of making most noodles, frying in oil is used, which causes the noodles to be exposed to oil fat, which is one of the causes of heart disease.

Air-dried noodles are relatively healthier.

4. They are rich in saturated fats

Consumption of all types of fats increases the risk of obesity; But saturated fats are more harmful; Because they increase harmful cholesterol and lead to heart disease.

5. They are rich in salt

Salt improves the taste of foods; But too much salt is bad for your health. Instant noodles are also high in salt and therefore sodium. Excessive sodium intake is associated with high blood pressure, heart disease, cardiac arrest and stroke.

6. Made from refined flour

Instant noodles are made from white flour. As a result, carbohydrates have no nutritional value, which raises blood sugar and increases the risk of developing diabetes. Excessive consumption of noodles raises blood sugar. The body gradually converts sugar into fat and stores it for later. This leads to obesity.

7. Contains toxic substances

Most noodles go through the frying process during the production process. Because the oil used at this stage is not constantly changed or properly maintained, oxidation factors occur in the oil. These agents gradually cause the absorption of toxic substances that enter the packaging along with the rotten oil and fat. These toxins cause poisoning.

8. They contain Chinese flavorings

This is true of some brands. Long-term consumption of Chinese flavor enhances excessive weight gain. People who use these noodles regularly also experience headaches, numbness of the mouth and neck, chest pain, excessive sweating, and hot flashes.

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