The importance of age for Botox

It is better not to rush to Botox your skin because it does not respond at a young age and it may be to your detriment and lead to the opposite effect and increase the wrinkles on your face.

Dr. Seyed Massoud Davoodi, a dermatologist, hair and beauty specialist, said about Botox injections: “Botox injections must be done by specialized and experienced people because it requires very important and necessary principles and skills.”

The dermatologist said that the injection of this toxin can be done in all areas with wrinkles, adding: “The least side effects after Botox injection are on the forehead and frown line, and generally the upper third of the face.”

He pointed out that Botox injections are also given in other areas of the face that are sagging. Make it difficult for people to eat and drink.

Davoodi acknowledged that the shelf life of Botox is about 6 months, according to the custom among the people: if the 6-month period is over and the face is re-injected, the condition of the face will return to its previous state.

Davoodi emphasized: Botox injections should not be done at a young age and before the appearance of wrinkles, because in this case, it will have a negative effect and will increase wrinkles.

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