The importance of balanced diets

There are diets that are adjusted by a nutritionist based on a person’s weight, height, gender, and even economic, cultural, and social status.
The point that should be taken into consideration when taking a diet is that the diet is a way to achieve health. An obese person usually goes on a diet with the aim of avoiding the problems caused by obesity in order to stay away from the diseases and complications of obesity. Therefore, the diet should not create new problems for the individual. The first issue that should be considered by the dieter and the dieter is the health of the dieter. And the second goal is to lose weight. If the diet itself endangers the health of the person and causes new complications and problems, then the diet will not be suitable and it is better for the person to avoid it.
A balanced and proportionate diet should first of all meet the nutritional needs of the person and then reduce the amount of calories consumed from unnecessary and less essential foods such as sweets and chocolate, high fat sauces, chips and harmful snacks.
At the beginning of the work, the existing nutritional status of the person should be examined and recommendations should be made in order to modify the diet, eliminate high-calorie and harmful foods, and consume the necessary foods in a balanced way and prevent overeating. Increasing exercise activity along with diet will help a person lose weight a lot. In addition, the proper diet should be adjusted based on the person’s favorite foods and the foods that are part of the dieter’s food culture should be included in the diet plan and only the amount should be adjusted.
Also, the hours spent on meals and snacks should match with the person’s job and profession so that the person can follow the meal plan. Compliance with this can make it easier to follow the diet.
Many people, especially women, decide to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time (for example, due to the upcoming wedding), which can endanger their health.
Rapid weight loss can be accompanied by loss of protein and muscle tissue. In these cases, due to insufficient energy supply, proteins are also used for energy. And besides that, after abandoning the diet, the person quickly returns to the first state and maybe with a higher weight, making the conditions for following diets more difficult.
does In addition, the side effects of low-calorie diets such as dry skin, thinning hair, constipation and digestive problems may also remain.

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February 19, 2015 19:07

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