The importance of consuming oilseeds for health

Different oilseeds can increase the body’s resistance to various heart diseases. It is better to include them in your meals and enjoy the beneficial benefits of these seeds. It is better to know that reducing fat and fighting obesity and overweight with It will be possible to consume these raw edible nuts.

Although highly nutritious foods have always been available to humans, their special benefits for people with heart disease or high blood cholesterol have been proven in recent years. “Nutrition is an evolving science, and we all really have to wait for new developments,” says Dr. Elizabeth Paliti (nutritionist). Some foods are extremely nutritious for heart health, and some are just the opposite. Here are some important tips about these foods. Raw nuts reduce the risk of heart disease. The healthy fats in raw nuts put these foods at the top of the heart-healthy diet. Almonds and walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to have heart benefits. In fact, these fats prevent heart rhythm disturbances and reduce the risk of blood clots. According to the Mayo Clinic, adding raw nuts to the diet can lower bad blood cholesterol (LDL) levels and prevent heart disease. Of course, in order to enjoy the benefits of raw nuts, you should not over-consume them. According to Dr. Paliti, “excessive consumption of raw nuts can lead to weight gain in the abdomen and increase the risk of obesity and heart disease.” The standard consumption of raw nuts is 28 grams per day.


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