The importance of eating lettuce with peppermint

Lettuce is cold and wet and parsley has a hot and dry temperament. Because peppermint is made from a combination of vinegar and honey, it is boiled in a certain amount and leaves hot and dry effects.
In fact, the hot and dry effects of peppermint with the cold and wet effects of lettuce to some extent neutralize each other.

Due to the fact that lettuce is hypnotic, analgesic and analgesic, it can be consumed with parsley and has no side effects.
If lettuce is eaten alone without parsley, its moisture, wetness and coldness may have an adverse effect on people who are older or have a phlegmatic temperament, but if consumed with parsley, it will not have these side effects.
Lettuce is one of the foods that has medicinal properties and parsley usually eliminates the harmful effects of lettuce.
Peppermint increases the penetration of substances in the body, opens the body’s arteries and ducts and cleanses the blood of the body. It is also excreted with lettuce, so the two substances neutralize each other’s side effects but do not neutralize each other’s positive effects.
Lettuce and parsley together cure insomnia and reduce vague body aches. Peppermint is also made with sugar, but it is better to make it with honey; Lettuce and parsley are not harmful to the body together, but just as excessive consumption of any food can be harmful to the body, excessive consumption of this food can also be harmful.

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