The importance of emotional intimacy of couples

Having sex between couples is very important and if they leave it, they have caused a lot of damage to their marital relationship.

Marzia Nowrozi What are the consequences and side effects of not having sex in a couple and whether just having intimate relationships without any sex can be enough to continue life, these are the questions that Dr. Gholamhossein Quaidi, a sexual psychiatrist and associate professor of Shahid University and a member of the family research group And sexual health responds to it.

This sexual psychiatrist stated that sex is defined as a relationship that shows intimacy and love between couples, and said: “Couples having sex with each other is a way for them to show their love and affection to each other more than ever and finally Experience the joy of being together. Therefore, it is natural that the lack of this relationship in married life can bring many risks. Unless neither of the couples is interested in this work or they are completely satisfied with the lack of relationship.

He continued to explain: “The existence of sexual intercourse brings intimacy and emotional closeness to couples and makes them able to reach a deeper understanding of their feelings towards each other. In addition, through sexual intercourse, the psychological energy of the couple is drained, and the man and woman feel more happy and alive, and this issue can help improve the interpersonal relationship of the couple.”

Emphasizing that the lack of sex in married life will certainly cause problems in married life, Qaidi said: “Although some couples have lived together for a long time without having sex or with minimal sex, they should still He accepted the fact that there will always be some kind of lack of satisfaction in married life for these people, and this issue is accompanied by increased sensitivity in interpersonal relationships, and couples may show inappropriate reactions to various issues and create many problems in their emotional and interpersonal relationships. be.”

The associate professor of Shahid University and member of the family and sexual health research group pointed out that the statistics show that many of the marital problems and conflicts of couples are rooted in their sexual problems and emphasized: “Many of the marital problems and conflicts of couples are rooted in their sexual problems. Of course, it shows itself in different ways. Usually, when couples refer to specialists with numerous complaints in different fields, after the investigations, it is determined that the couple’s sexual problems as the most important problem have fueled the occurrence of other problems. Therefore, it can be said that although just having sex is not enough for a successful married life, and although couples may not experience many problems in this regard, but still, complete satisfaction with life does not happen, and they are somehow dissatisfied with their life together. They will feel it especially when they have problems with other issues.

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