The importance of increasing sexual knowledge among the people of the society

The head of the Scientific Association of Family Health of Iran announced the admission of a doctoral student in the field of “Family and Sexual Health” next year and said: This new measure will be a great and lasting work in the country.

Mohammad Baqer Saberi Zafarkandi about why you should pay attention to sexual health? He stated: Family health, which is used in academic literature for sexual health, is one of the requirements for promoting general health and mental health in a special way.

Recognizing unhealthiness and unhappiness in the field of marital relations

He continued: The need for society members to be aware of the dimensions of sexual health on the one hand, and to recognize unhealthy and unwellness in the field of marital relations, on the other hand, has been of interest for a long time.

Insufficient attention to the problem of sexual disorders

Saberi Zafarkandi stated: Failure to enter or insufficient attention to the problem of sexual disorders and denying the necessity of promoting sexual health in the country has caused serious and sometimes irreparable problems.

The head of the Iranian Family Health Scientific Association, what is the duty of universities and scientific elites in this field? He stated: It is obvious that the lack of entry of competent academic and seminary people and the limitation in education and expansion of issues related to sexual health causes teenagers, young people and even middle-aged and old people to get their information from unsafe people and sources. Get it wrong.

Physical health disorders will threaten the social health of societies

Saberi Zafarkandi said: Sexual needs are like other natural needs of human kind, but health needs more sensitivity and attention. Disruption and disease in this field can not only threaten the physical and mental health but also the social and spiritual health of individuals and communities, perhaps in countries that paid attention to various aspects of sexual health, today with a lesser degree and severity than infectious diseases such as The virus of the deadly AIDS disease, which is the main way of transmission through sexual relations, is under threat.

Challenges of promoting sexual health

What obstacles and challenges are we facing in the way of improving sexual health? He said: One of the challenging issues in the field of sexual health is the need for a comprehensive definition based on culture and religious teachings in the country.

The head of the Scientific Association of Family Health of Iran continued: Therefore, in this regard, the “Scientific Association of Family Health of Iran” was able to provide a definition of sexual health by obtaining opinions from experts in this field, which we hope will be published in the near future through relevant scientific authorities. .

Lack of sexual health professionals

Saberi Zafarkandi stated: Another challenge that has harmed the processes of creating and promoting sexual health is the lack of specialists with university education in the country. Generally, specialists in this profession are graduates of other countries, and their training is based on the culture and beliefs of those countries.

He stated: Many of these colleagues and specialists made many efforts to localize their learning in accordance with the traditions and beliefs of the people, but none of them could fill the void of the existence of a specialized field in this regard.

A delay of several decades

The head of the Iranian Family Health Scientific Association said: “It is a very happy place that today, even after a delay of several decades, the academic field of “Family and Sexual Health” at the doctoral level has been approved by the Supreme Educational Planning Council and with this approval in the academic year 96-97 four students were admitted through the university.

A great work that was keyed

Saberi Zafarkandi pointed out: This research will be a big and long-lasting work in the country, which is the result of several years of efforts and follow-up by some colleagues. The Islamicization Council of the Universities and Educational Centers of the country, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, the Humanities Development Council of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, and the Supreme Planning Council of the Ministry of Science have contributed to the approval of this field, and it is necessary to thank all these institutions. Also, Dr. Seyed Kazem Froutan – Director of the Family and Sexual Health Research Group of Shahid University and Vice President of the Scientific Association of Iranian Family Health made great and commendable efforts in this field.

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