The importance of mammography for the elderly

Mammography is very important and crucial for the health of elderly women. This type of screening is done to detect and prevent breast cancer in them.

A new study suggests that regular mammograms are beneficial for older women.

Previous research has shown that mammography screening reduces breast cancer deaths among women up to age 74, but Florida Atlantic University researchers said little is known about women older than 74.

They analyzed data on more than 4,800 black women and 59,000 white women between 1995 and 2009, all aged 69 or older.

Among women aged 75 to 84, those who had annual mammograms were less likely to die from breast cancer over a 10-year period than those who had infrequent or no mammograms.

Breast cancer patients aged 69 to 84 who had annual mammograms four years prior to diagnosis had lower five- and ten-year mortality rates than those who did not have mammograms.

The 10-year death rate among women aged 69 to 84 was 3 times and 2 times higher among whites and blacks who did not get mammograms than among those who got annual mammograms, respectively.

According to webmd,

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