The importance of preparing condoms according to sexual desire

It is better to choose the type of condom according to the desire and taste of your sexual partner.

Grooved and toothed condoms and other similar forms are made for this purpose to increase sexual desire. Some have installed a layer inside the condom for this purpose. Others put on a condom so that the sexual partner can have more pleasure.

Some are shaped and embossed in order to induce a better feeling, more comfort, and more confidence to the user, so that it is more suitable for the user’s situation. However, condoms have the ability to be used both in vaginal intercourse and in sexual intercourse. Anal to give couples more feeling.

Spiked latex and polyurethane condoms have a higher price. Because they are useful against genital infections and prevent pregnancy. You know that if condoms are used continuously and correctly, it is a suitable and reliable method.

Because everyone is stimulated by different emotions and moods, it is better to try which one you are more comfortable with. In fact, sex is a very important issue in your life together, so value it and spend time to increase its quality.

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June 18, 2015 23:29

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