The importance of sex education for children

It is better to be cautious in the field of sexual education of your child and give them important training in this field because the damages of sexual ignorance will be irreparable. Clarify sexual issues.

Child sexual education is one of the big topics in child education that can have irreparable effects on your child.

Child sexual education

Some injuries, in addition to severely threatening the child’s body, will also cause irreparable problems to his mental health, the issue of sexual injuries is of the same category. The effects of these psychological wounds can remain in the existence of a person who has been abused for years. Sex education is a preventive method that is proposed to keep the child safe and avoid future troubles.

1- Never lie or hide when faced with children’s questions

Concealment makes children suspicious of the truth, they lose their trust in you, and they access information from unreliable, unmanaged, and harmful sources. Concealment also puts your child at risk of abuse.

2- Provide education and information according to the child’s age and awareness

Don’t overdo it, don’t overdo it. In this context, the need for a consultant and reading related books for parents is highly emphasized.

3- Always manage the answers to the child’s questions by asking the child

With this method, you can organize the child’s knowledge or guesses in the right way.

4- Focus all your education until middle school on reproduction

that’s mean Do not raise the issue of the pleasure of sex to the child until middle school age Rather, limit the purpose of sex only to reproduction.

5- In the presence of the child, introduce his body parts to himself

Usually Children at the age of two years and later know the functions of body parts such as ears and eyes. Dolls, medical atlases or mirrors can be used to introduce body parts. After introducing the body parts such as hands, feet and eyes and asking about their function about the sexual organs, mention their scientific name (sexual organs) and bring up their function (production of likeness) in the same way.

6- Introduce the genitals to the child as private parts that no one has the right to see or touch

Teach your child to tell you if someone wants to touch or look at their private parts. Use the words “good secret” and “bad secret” for this tutorial. Good secrets like tomorrow is dad’s birthday and mom and I want to surprise him. A bad secret is like someone seeing or touching your private parts and asking you to keep this secret. Teach the child that he must tell bad secrets to his father, mother, teacher, kindergarten teacher, etc., because this matter will harm you. Teach this subject using games; For example, use drawings to identify trusted people or strangers, or with the help of role-playing, let parents take on the roles of strangers, teachers, and children.

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