The importance of sex education for couples

The importance of sex education and counseling for couples before or after marriage is so high that it can easily reduce the divorce rate!

In disbelief, he was signing the divorce petition and wondering, “Why did we get here? Why should we get a divorce? When everything seemed so good, where did everything fall apart?” He was not old. After a year of living together, he went to court, and now he had entered the divorce statistics, and he himself did not know why the life he had once started with a thousand and one wishes ended in court and divorce today.

According to unofficial statistics, more than 60% of divorces in the country are due to sexual problems and dissatisfaction, and this shows that sex education and counseling can reduce the divorce rate.
Training is a cure for pain
Lack of sexual skills can be the reason for many divorces in the country. Laleh Arabzadeh, a court legal expert, told the scholars: “Having good or satisfying sex can play an important role in cohabitation. Although many people may not admit that the reason for their divorce was not having good sex, they should. “He accepted the fact that our society is facing this problem.”

He adds: “It can be said that more than 50% of divorces occur due to sexual problems. If we look closely at the reasons for other divorces, such as infidelity, etc., we will find that the source of these divorces is not having good sex, so we can say with certainty “The root of most divorces in the country, apart from addiction, is the sexual relations that couples suffer from.”

Arabzadeh emphasizes: “Education can cure the pain of this type of divorce because there is no education in society about sex or even dating the opposite sex, and when a girl and a boy get married, they enter a new world overnight that in the past had no information. They did not get it right. This is the reason why they can not meet each other’s sexual and spiritual needs, and as a result, they encounter problems, most of which are formed due to not having the same successful sex, and eventually get divorced, in my opinion, if in universities alongside the course. “Teaching a single family unit that theoretically teaches sex will prevent many of the country’s problems.”

“Although many people believe that gaining experience in the first years of life can be the best education, it should be noted that experience does not always work positively and sometimes makes people bored with each other because of failed experiences that occur one after the other,” he said. “It makes people cold to each other.”
Emotional relationships fail
Ali Asghar Asgharnejadfarid, a member of the faculty of Iran University of Medical Sciences, says about divorces that occur due to lack of proper sexual relations: “The vast majority of divorces that occur in the country are successful due to lack of emotional relationships; “It means that people have difficulty in establishing initial and emotional relationships with each other, and it can be said that a person who has difficulty in establishing initial relationships in life will definitely have difficulty in having sexual relations with his partner because he has not received the necessary training in this regard.”

“The four main reasons for the problems in interpersonal relationships are the lack of acceptance of each other, the uncertainty of expectations, and the fact that couples can not put themselves in each other’s shoes and as a result are drawn to divorce.”

Asgharnejad Farid states: “One of the factors that couples can not have successful sex is the difference between women and men, and this inequality between men and women can not meet each other’s needs, and this is a reason that in the future will face many problems. Because their mental and physical needs have not been met, and this causes immorality and sometimes pain in various parts of the body, which causes deep problems in the long run. “This issue can also be resolved through training and counseling.”

Despite the emphasis of psychologists on sexual counseling and education in this field, the taboo of education and counseling between education and welfare officials and… has caused, despite the statistics of divorce due to sexual problems, one thinks about sex education or setting up offices for sexual counseling Do not be.

Farhikhtegan newspaper,

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