The importance of stimulating the spouse to have sex

We are talking about men who are not sexually able to provoke their wives and do not know how to get their wives interested in having sex. What should be done to make the other person want to have sex?

If men were as aware of the importance of their actions before, during, and after sex as they are in the art of soccer, many of the problems of this fundamental relationship between husband and wife would undoubtedly be solved. Although this statement may not be to the liking of many men, it is an important fact that has unfortunately been overlooked by many men.

In this note, in order to express and understand more about what motivates women to have sex, we have to use the allegory of comparing sex with the game of “football”.
Men can easily create a lot of excitement when watching an exciting football game by anticipating what might happen. Who will be the players? Who will pass the ball to the forward? Who will score the ball? Who will leave the game or who will come into the game? Which team will win the match? And… Men are constantly experiencing tension and relief while watching the game, every time a player on the opposing team picks up the ball, the feeling of tension and excitement increases, but just when the game In the hands of his chosen team, these tensions are relieved by touching, cheering, making noise, cheering and so on.

Undoubtedly, the excitement of watching the game for the first time will be very high, but if you are a frequent spectator of a repetitive game, it will gradually become predictable, boring and monotonous for you. Exactly the same situation is possible in a marital relationship, when a man takes the same method in his sexual intercourse, it will also be predictable and boring for his wife. On the other hand, some men think that if they censor foreplay and flirting with the intention of having sex and engage in sexual intercourse all at once, the effectiveness of their relationship will increase and it will be more acceptable for women as well, but we must say that this It is exactly the same situation when watching a football game that the spectator, without seeing the stages of the game, suddenly sees a sports reporter who appears on the TV screen to announce the result of the game.

Just as watching the whole game brings more joy and excitement, in the same way, flirting and foreplay in sex are important for women and cause them great satisfaction and will be equally effective in stimulating them. .
Given the example of football, it is easy to see why foreplay and flirting are important before sex, which is why many sex experts advise men to look at foreplay from a whole new perspective, even Consider this important component as the main precondition for having hot and successful sex.

How to provoke women with foreplay
“Women need ten times more foreplay than men,” says sex experts, and that is a principle that men should never forget. Men have one sexually sensitive area, while women have three areas that are sexually sensitive. The presence of these three main areas in a woman’s body reminds men that in order to stimulate women as much as possible, they must be very active and use different organs of the body to stimulate.

Men can use both their hands and their mouths to provoke their wives. When using the hands, the man can use one or three fingers. Sometimes it is even necessary to follow a direct process and path in a woman’s body and sometimes it can take an intermittent process. Also, sometimes he can move his fingers gently and gently on a woman’s body, and sometimes he can touch her husband firmly and with some pressure. A man can provoke a woman by turning his hands to the right and then to the left or vice versa, or by moving them up and down, or by any other small change in the movement of the hands and fingers and touching the body. To satisfy and elevate diversity.

Men should keep in mind that in addition to the quality of touching and stimulating their spouse, the amount of time they spend doing so also guarantees their spouse satisfaction. The more time you spend in the forefront of your spouse, the more fun and happiness you give your spouse and the higher your marital satisfaction. If the man continues to foreplay for about thirty minutes, the woman will undoubtedly approach orgasm, but if the woman does not reach orgasm during this time, you should know that either orgasm will not work or it is necessary to continue foreplay to The woman reaches orgasm.

Men need positive feedback from their wives
During the prenatal stages, in order for the man to know what to do, it is necessary for the woman to help her man. By giving clear and vivid feedback, the woman can inform the man of her current state of mind and body and help to optimize and benefit the foreplay. Clear female feedback is a bridge to be further stimulated by the male. During foreplay, women can reassure their husbands by reassuring them that they are being aroused without worrying or stressing. Am I doing it right or not? Does he like this kind of movement or not? And دهند continue their work.

For example, if, despite the long period of arousal, the woman has not yet reached orgasm and wants to continue arousal from the man, she can give her husband the following feedback:
“I like you to touch me the way you do now, I like it very much.”
“I know it takes a lot of your time, but it really makes me feel good.”
“It’s very enjoyable, I do not want you to interrupt.”

If a man is touching a point on a woman’s body that the woman is relieved by stimulating that part, and at the same time more and more precise stimulation of that point, it is exactly what the woman needs and wants, the woman is better. Give feedback to his wife because the man may not notice his wife’s inner feelings and is afraid of continuing his work (for example, he feels that nothing has happened and the woman has not reached orgasm and no change has been made).

In such a case, the wife can help her husband by making such comments:
– “I love this move, how calming it is”!
“Keep going, I love it, it’s exactly what I need.”
“It calms me down, it makes me feel more relaxed and liberated.”
Using these two simple techniques of “foreplay by a man” and providing “positive and clear feedback from a woman to a man’s foreplay”, double the pleasure of your sex and make the most of its diversity.

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