The importance of supplementation along with food sources

Some people believe that they no longer need to use their food sources when taking supplements, if they are wrong, for example, to get vitamin D, you need both sunlight and dairy products, and you should not just use Take a vitamin D supplement. This vitamin has countless properties for our health that we will mention in the following.

Nowadays, when thousands of pharmaceutical companies around the world produce vitamin products and a variety of industrial supplements, these vitamins can not replace sunlight and healthy foods.

Experts from the University of Auckland in New Zealand have found in their latest research that taking vitamin D supplements alone in the fall and winter is not enough, and people, especially the elderly, need to be exposed to sunlight to get the vitamin.

In some countries, especially the United Kingdom, due to the special weather conditions in the cold seasons of the year, most experts advise people to take vitamin D supplements, but new research has shown that by modifying the diet and exposure to sunlight, Provides the body with the vitamin D it needs and no longer needs to take supplements.

Since 2012, the NHS has advised pregnant women to take about 10 micrograms of vitamin D supplementation daily for their health and that of the fetus.

According to research, vitamin D is found in foods such as dairy, eggs, oily fish, beef and mutton, and people can include these foods in their daily diet to provide the vitamins their bodies need. During the hours when the sun’s rays are not harmful, they should be exposed to sunlight outside the closed environment so that vitamin D is absorbed by their body.

Adequate levels of this vitamin in the body, according to studies, can prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, soft bones and joints, as well as prevent allergies in people.

Despite the benefits of taking vitamin supplements to meet the body’s need for these substances, experts recommend that individuals, especially at-risk groups and patients, try to obtain various vitamins by modifying their diet.

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