The importance of timely treatment of fungal infection

It is better for women with the problem of genital itching to go to the relevant doctor immediately and not let this problem continue!

The female reproductive system is a warm and humid environment prone to fungus growth.

Dr. Shahrzadzadeh Modares, pointing to this issue, said: “Fungal infections of the genital tract are very common in women, especially in the hot seasons of the year.”

Referring to factors such as the use of antibiotic drugs, the use of contraceptives, pregnancy, diabetes or sweating, which can be the basis for the growth and proliferation of fungi, this obstetrician is the most common symptom. Fungal infection of the vagina considered burning and itching and secretions with a bad smell and emphasized: “Drying the genital area after every wash, avoiding wearing tight clothes and nylon underwear, choosing cotton and cotton underwear and changing underwear regularly and washing it with Hot water can prevent fungal diseases.”

The member of the academic staff of the university advised the women: “In case of infection, go to a gynecologist without delay because fungal infection is a painful disease and it cannot be easily cured without treatment.”

He pointed to the drugs available in the market, which of course must be prescribed by a specialist, such as vaginal suppositories, topical creams, and oral tablets, which help relieve symptoms within a day or two, but he emphasized that the one-week treatment period of these types of drugs should be completed. Also, according to this obstetrics and gynecology specialist, fungus is not considered as a sexually transmitted infection and having sex during the treatment period is not a problem.

23 September 1394 23:37

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