The importance of vaginal care

What strategies help to diagnose the health of the hymen, what can harm this part of the female genital area, what are the types of hymen, and how should young women take care of this part of their body? Read about childbirth

The veil of virginity It is a membrane located in the opening of the vagina in the lower part of the atrium. This membrane is superficial at younger ages, but as the age increases and the large and small edges of the vulva become deeper. This curtain surrounds the wall Vagina sticks to . The shape of the middle hole as well as the consistency, growth and thickness of the type of curtain that is important in forensic medicine. The hymen tissue is mainly composed of elastic connective tissue and collagen, and both its inner and outer surfaces are covered by the flat squamous epithelium. There are no glandular or muscular elements in the hymen and its nerve fibers are not large.

One of the concerns of girls who have seen blood stains on their underwear, girls who Masturbation Have or have had girls who suffer from accidents such as falls from heights, accidents, accidents during exercise and… diagnosis of virginity or injury;

The question that always arises is whether a person can diagnose virginity or damage to his virginity?

In a conversation with an obstetrician and gynecologist, read the medical and health site Beyutab:

If we want to answer this question explicitly, no, a person cannot diagnose the presence of virginity or damage to it through personal and individual examination, and in this regard, it is recommended to see a gynecologist.

But in general, seeing any bloodstains is not a sign of virginity damage, the hymen is not easily removed by indirect methods.

Where is the hymen?

Hymen In fact, the outer part includes the genitals and the entrance to the mouth Vagina It is located, but the entrance is not easily visible and recognizable in all people and needs to be recognized by another and knowledgeable person.

The first reason for girls’ fear of seeing a gynecologist:

One of the reasons girls are afraid to go Gynecologist , That is, they assume that the physician records and reports their private information, for Gynecologist No action Masturbation and no Sex The patient is not important and there is no question in this regard. If you see a doctor to examine your virginity, the doctor will only examine your virginity and answer you.

The second reason for girls’ fear of seeing a gynecologist:

Maybe my acquaintance will see:

Another group of women refuses to see a gynecologist for fear of embarrassment for fear that they might see a relative or friend in the doctor’s office, while the scope of the gynecologist’s work for single girls is simply to check for presence or injury. Virgo vision does not lead to disorders MenstruationInfection, uterine problems and a group of common diseases in women can also occur in single girls and be the reason for girls to visit, in addition to checking at least once a year to check the health of girls Rahm Recommended by a doctor.

The reason for the existence of the hymen

Some women find the existence of the hymen in women an injustice between men and women, but this mindset stems from not knowing the reasons for its existence. Virginity First of all, the existence of virginity is not to prove virginity or the purity or non-virginity of girls. to the Virginity Do not enter, virginity is a factor to prevent infectious diseases in the genital tract during infancy.

Lack of virginity or not seeing blood during penetration can not be a sign of sexual experience:

There are a bunch of girls who lack The veil of virginity There are, or there are others who will not see during the blood transfusion, these cases can not be a sign that the person has had sex before.

In general, it is not possible to diagnose the presence of virginity, harm of virginity, type of virginity with probabilities, storytelling and common misconceptions in society in this regard and its diagnosis is recommended only by a specialist doctor and young girls not to examine virginity but to check health status Genitals, uterus and menstrual disorders need to see a doctor during the annual period, especially girls who have a family history of cancer related to female organs.

Psychological and behavioral symptoms of not having a hymen:

It is usually necessary to suspect a girl who easily comments about sex. Also, a person who is having sex for the first time usually does not accept to take off his clothes easily and without shame, and this is difficult for him. They do not kiss easily, and when her clothes are taken out of tension, she feels a sense of shame and involuntary embarrassment from her face.

Diagnosis of hymen rupture:

• The state of the vulva blades

The fins around the vagina in girls are usually close together and in such a way that they are not clearly visible at first glance, while in women these fins are clearly visible.

• The shape of the vagina

If the vagina has a shape of seven, it can be a sign of rupture of the membrane with the penetration of the penis, because due to the pressure on the wall, its shape changes from round to seven.
Rupture of the septum, whether during intimate penetration or the above factors, may also be associated with damage to other parts of the vulva (around the vagina, urethra, shell between the vagina and the vagina).

• Walls inside the vulva (cervix)

The wall of the cervix is ​​made up of raised membranes, which, due to constant proximity, these protrusions are destroyed and destroyed, so that penetration is easy and with less pressure. This means that if you easily found the vagina for your first penetration and were able to penetrate easily, that girl must have had sex before.

[su_note]If you were able to insert the first of the two index fingers and the middle finger into the vagina, that woman must have had sex before.[/su_note]

Diagnosis of hymen rupture due to rape:

In the case of girls who say they have been raped by acting in a movie, it is easy to tell the truth.
Because girls who lose their virginity as a result of rape suffer from urinary tract injuries and intrauterine ulcers (fibrons) that are easily recognizable. That is, when the membrane is destroyed in several stages, either severely or by rape, urethral ulcers and intrauterine ulcers (fibrons) occur.

Signs of being a virgin

• The hymen is expandable and has a hole without rupture

• Atrium, vagina and vaginal opening

• The vaginal mucosa is thick and wrinkled and has overlapping layers

The folds of sleep are usually facing the opening of the vagina.

Narrow vaginal canal (narrow with corrugated walls) and its depth is not visible.

• Finger examination is not possible and the possibility of mucosal damage occurs due to insisting on the examination.

Vaginal canal is short due to overlapping vaginal folds.

Types of virginity veils

If the hymen is elastic, the penetration operation is performed without rupture of the hymen, and the health of these hymens does not deny the penetration, ie in maidens, the irreversible hinges are circular, crescent-double, double, concave, serrated, and perforated. The middle is regular and the edges are quite smooth and the mucous membrane of the vagina is lying on top of each other with folds that sleep towards the opening of the vagina and the vaginal canal is very narrow.
It should be noted that physically no rupture of the hymen is not a principle for the diagnosis of virginity (virginity) and in these cases the vagina is proven to be involved. Indicates interference. Despite not seeing a rupture in the hymen due to the condition of the vagina and mucosa.

Symptoms of having sex:

The hymen is loose and dilated and has a hole without rupture or looseness of the hymen and dilation of its middle hole and due to the looseness of the hymen and the dilation of its middle hole – two fingers easily enter the vagina and by touching the vaginal wall – relative smoothing of the vaginal folds It feels good.

The atrium of the vulva and the wide opening of the vagina means the dilation of the atrium of the vulva is the distance between the two superficial parts of the lips of the vulva to the hymen, which is usually 2.5-4 cm long. Due to frequent intercourse, the lips of the vulva are separated and the atrium dilates.

The vaginal mucosa is relatively thick and slightly smoother and has separate layers.

The folds of sleep are irregular and not sideways.

• Pregnancy

The vaginal canal is open and usually visible up to two-thirds of it, ie the dilation of the vaginal canal due to the relative flattening of the vaginal folds – so that the vaginal canal is usually quite visible up to about two-thirds of its length. The open folds of the vagina are well visible and the sleep of the folds, unlike the maidens, is not all to one side, that is, towards the opening of the vagina, and it is irregularly to and fro.

It can be examined with a finger and can even be opened with fine speculum without damaging the mucosa.

• The vaginal canal is long due to the opening of the vaginal folds.

The important point is the difference between virgin blood and menstrual blood or blood that comes out of the repair membrane. Bleeding usually occurs more or less severely after the hymen is torn. We do not have a minimum for bleeding in this case, it may be one or two drops or maybe more, but the maximum will be the size of a diaper soaked, and what is certain is that this bleeding should not continue. It is appropriate if someone tries to repair the virginity because it is no longer possible to use natural blood due to the rupture of the virginity, usually there will be more bleeding than normal or there will be no bleeding at all. The blood of the hymen usually clots quickly, and the difference with the blood of other parts of the body is that it contains some amount of vaginal cells.
There is also a difference between menstrual blood and hymen because menstrual blood has less fibrinogen, so it clots later and there are too many vaginal cells in it, while blood from the hymen clots faster and contains small amounts of vaginal cells. Is.

Cause of rupture of virginity

Because in the first Hymen intercourse (If present) Because it has a smaller diameter than the diameter of the penis, it prevents the penis from entering to some extent, but it ruptures with more pressure. This rupture, like other ruptures in the body, causes pain, burning, and bleeding. So if naturally during the first intercourse with a narrow vaginal width with an obstacle that is easily possible Penis penetration Do not touch the man. The person has never had vaginal penetration. I think if you have a little information in this regard, you will easily feel the difference between the width caused by masturbation by the finger and the width created by the penis.

Recognize the timing of virginity rupture

Usually up to 2 weeks after the rupture of the hymen, the exact date can be guessed from the symptoms, and a specialist doctor or midwife can guess the date of the rupture for up to 1 month, and after 1 month, the time of the rupture of the hymen is not known at all. In appearance, if the hymen is not repaired, the edges of the new rupture The veil of virginity It is usually red and sore, with traces of blood clots. After about a week, the edges of the incision are covered with mucus similar to the mucous membrane of the membrane, and after about two weeks, the edges of the wound are relatively closed. If the hymen is repaired, the above steps will not be performed. Another important point is that the edges of the tear, because they are free and not connected to each other, never weld together, and if two pieces of the tear are sewn together and the curtain is repaired, the place of repair will be marked as a small bright raised scar.

Recently, some girls have sex from the anus or back to preserve their virginity, and here it is necessary to pay attention to the points to distinguish this action.

Symptoms of anal sex:

If repeated, penetration symptoms can be seen. It should be noted that if the frequency of penetration is less than 2-3 cases, symptoms should not be expected. Thickening of the skin around the anus, which extends inward and continues to the mucosal skin area, and occasionally the scaling area is seen. If it is a professional object, the thickening of the skin extends even into the rectum, and previously improved fissures appear as faint lines at the creases. In the professional profession, the anus becomes funnel-shaped, as if the anus has been pulled inward. One of the important points is that the loosening of the anal sphincter should never be forgotten. In professionals and anal observation, most of the time, no symptoms are observed unless we use private maneuvering. When a person is being examined, place the big toes a short distance from the anus and grab the buttocks with the rest of the fingers and pull them to the sides so that the folds of the anus are clearly visible. Then deliberately push the sphincter to gather the person, and if you draw his thoughts to another point, the voluntary movement of the sphincter disappears and its state becomes clear.
Symptoms of a ruptured sphincter may be seen, which should be noted that anal sphincter relaxation is a sign of recurrent penetration.
In addition, the condition of the anal canal should be considered. Anal penetration may change the position of the anal canal, cause hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids, small fleshy appendages around the anal canal, small warts, protrusion of part of the tissue from the anus – slight opening of the anal canal, and so on.

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