The importance of vitamin C in skin protection

Vitamin C is vital for collagen production. Collagen is an essential tissue transplant and skin retainer without which the body breaks down because this protein helps maintain our skeleton, attaching muscles to bones, and keeping skin and organs in place.
Vitamin C also plays an amazing role in treating inflammation. Here is an example: When I was working as a pediatrician at Yale Medical Center in New Haven, Connecticut, a group of doctors talked about the effect of vitamin C on asthma (a condition caused by pneumonia). ) Were researching. The researchers found that taking high doses of vitamin C for people with asthma (children or adults) reduced asthma attacks.
Researchers have made two other important discoveries: First, vitamin C prevents the production of a chemical called arachidonic acid, which causes skin inflammation. Second, vitamin C reverses the effect of arachidonic acid, making it a harmless substance. This research had important side effects in my work. Arachidonic acid damage is not limited to lung tissue. This substance plays an important role in causing psoriasis and micro scarring, which are the causes of wrinkles.

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