The “Incredible Hulk” Strawberry Mango Protein-Packed Green Smoothie

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“Chlorophyll will be the principle protein for the coming light bearing age. When freshly made in a drink, it contains synthesized sunshine, plus the electric current necessary for the revitalization of the body, and it will open areas of the brain that man yet known nothing about.”-Dr. Ann Wigmore, ‘Let There Be Light’

The hulk didn’t get strong by drinking whey protein – his secret is in the greens! This strawberry mango protein-packed green smoothie contains all the amino acids your body needs to build strong, lean, healthy muscles.

Not many people know that amino acids are what create a protein, which is then used to support and build muscle. The cleanest, most available source of amino acids are in plants, especially those with all 9 of the essential amino acids like hemp seeds and chia seeds.

We don’t even really require as much protein as you may think. In fact a new study has found that animal proteins may be as bad for you as smoking. Not only did animal proteins increase participants’ risk of death by up to 74% (compared to their more low-protein counterparts), but even when controlling for a high amount of fat and carbs in their diet, consuming a high amount of animal protein had negative health effects. These people were also several times more likely to die of diabetes.

Enjoy this smoothie after a workout, or whenever you feel you need a little protein-boost!

Strawberry Mango Protein-Packed Green Smoothie Recipe


– 1 pint organic strawberries (around 2 cups)
– 1 cup diced mango
– 1 cup freshly squeezed orange juice
– 1/2 medium cucumber
– 2 inches fresh ginger root
– 2 cups fresh leafy greens (I usually use spinach or romaine)
– 2 tsp. chia seeds


Combine all of the above ingredients in a blender and pulse-blend until well combined. Enjoy!

This post was inspired by DailyBurn’s #ShowUsYourSmoothie project. More information on alternative protein sources can be found at their Fuel-6 page.

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