The latest method of contraception by men

Recently, with the efforts of scientists, an ampoule for preventing pregnancy has been produced for men, which has not yet been tested on humans!

Scientists have succeeded in making a new contraceptive device, of course, this one is for men.

According to Dr. Salam news site, citing “Fox News” and “Medical Daily” websites, researchers have tested a new non-hormonal drug that enters the body through an injection on male baboons and succeeded in preventing pregnancy in female baboons. become

With a single injection of this drug, its effect remains in the body for a long time and the person does not become pregnant, while its effect can be removed in case of a change of mind. Parsmus Foundation, which is the manufacturer of this drug, plans to start testing it on humans from next year, and this drug may come to the market from 2017.

With another injection, the effect of this drug can be eliminated.

Source: Salamaneh

27 February 2013 21:35

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