The limits of using sunscreen and moisturizer

The use of cosmetics has become very fashionable among women, and many women, due to not knowing about its disadvantages, see the damage caused by it after a while, but one of the cosmetics that is necessary for the skin is sunscreen creams and skin moisturizers. are and always this question for consumers Have you ever wondered if these products are not harmful to the skin and will not cause harm? And to what extent are we allowed to use these creams? In this article, we try to answer all these questions and clear up all doubts about these products. But at the beginning, we will remind you that to use these creams, use approved brands. so that they have a higher percentage of confidence.
Lotion and cream are a type of emulsion, that is, a mixture of water and oil.
Usually, a thin layer of 0.1 mm of cream should be placed on the skin. Some believe that the more cream is used, the better, but this is useless and does not increase the effect of the cream. Almost one gram of cream can be used for a surface of about 10 x 10 cm from the surface of the skin, but how much is one gram? Using the “finger unit” that some people are used to, is suitable for determining the amount of cream needed for different areas of the body. A finger unit is the amount of cream that comes out of a cream tube with an outlet diameter of 5 mm and is placed on the first joint of the index finger of an adult. This amount is almost equal to half a gram. (The amount of cream needed to cover one hand is one finger unit, and half a finger unit is needed for one palm.)

Another important point is the difference between cream, ointment and lotion. The use of each of these 3 is fundamentally different. Lotion and cream are a type of emulsion, that is, a mixture of water and oil. If the amount of water is more, it is called lotion, and if the amount of oil is more, it is called cream, but because water and oil do not mix easily, in the preparation of cosmetic-sanitary creams, they add a third ingredient which is a solvent, but this ingredient The solvent may also dissolve the skin’s own fats. For this reason, after using some creams, we sometimes feel a burning sensation. Especially if the face is slightly irritated and treated with exfoliating drugs.

But ointments are semi-solid oils that do not have an aqueous phase and do not suffer from microbial contamination, and there is no need to add preservatives to them. Despite all these advantages, because ointments are very greasy, they are not very pleasant to use and are only used as medicine because topical medicines work better in ointment form. The most famous ointment is Vaseline, which, with a strong coating, prevents skin water from evaporating and maintains its moisture.

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