The link between dandruff and physical problems

What causes dandruff and how can it be treated? How does dandruff occur and what are the natural remedies for it?

There are many people who get a handful of hair every time they brush their hair. Seeing this scene and repeating it is so painful for them that they are ready to do anything to solve this problem and try all the available ways. But do they really choose the right path?

Today, it can be said that 90% of people suffer from hair loss and dandruff. To the extent that hair transplant centers and dermatologists have filled the entire city, it has skyrocketed in prices. In the meantime, some people catch fish from the muddy water and pocket a lot of money.

The hot market for expensive shampoos is also hot. The prices that the smoke rises from your head when you see them, and there are people who are willing to pay these exorbitant costs to solve their hair problem.

Does paying for these astronomical expenses really cure the pain?

What kind of hair do you have?

Dr. Saket, a dermatologist and hair specialist, said about the types of hair: “People have different types of hair that over time can understand the condition and type of hair. For example: People with dry hair, no matter how late they go to the bathroom, their hair is not greasy and They do not feel itchy on the scalp and are less likely to have problems such as dandruff and pimples on their scalp.

Conversely, there are people who get oily hair in just a few hours as soon as they come out of the bathroom, and most of them complain of itching, itchy pimples and dandruff, all of which are a side effect of oily hair.

People with dry hair should know

“People with dry hair do not have a particular problem, and only the dryness and condition of their hair may bother them, who can use hair masks and conditioners to solve this problem,” he said.

Dr. Saket divided hair conditioners into three categories:

1. Emollients that are used as a mask before bathing, which can usually be used 2 to 3 hours before bathing.

۲. Conditioners that are used as shampoos when washing hair, which can be kept on the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes after shampooing and rinsed briefly.

3. The third category of conditioners are in the form of oils and solutions that can be used after bathing, but we must note that conditioners that are used as masks are stronger and are used for curly and colored hair.

What do I do with painful white beans?

Regarding oily hair, Dr. Saket said: “People who have oily hair, their hair becomes oily immediately after bathing and often complain of dandruff. These people are better to prevent their hair from becoming oily at least one day in between and depending on the amount of oil in their hair.” People who suffer from dandruff are also advised to use dandruff-specific medicated shampoos, which usually contain compounds such as selenium sulfide, zinge peritoneum, clean vasol, which is the strongest dandruff shampoo that contains these substances. “Ketoconazole” is prescribed by a doctor depending on the condition.

“People who suffer from dandruff should never stop using anti-dandruff shampoo and know that dandruff has no definitive cure but is controlled,” he said.

There is no such thing as an external shampoo

Regarding the use of shampoo, he said: “The frequency of hair washing depends on the condition and type of hair, and the number of washes in each bath has no effect on dandruff or the appearance of dandruff, but can be done through the use of oral and suitable drugs for scalp massage, including” manosidil “. He controlled his hair.

Close connection between liver and hair

Dr. Hassan Akbari, a specialist in traditional medicine for the treatment of hair loss and dandruff, said: “First we need to know that skin, hair and nails are of the same sex and their health goes back to liver function. Therefore, we can lose hair by eating foods that strengthen liver function.” And treat dandruff and have thick and healthy hair.

Read these so that your hair does not fall out

One of these substances is sheep liver, because sheep liver is a kind of medicine and eating one skewer of liver a week is recommended for all people, especially children.

Also, eating animal oils such as camel hump oil, cow dung and tail oil can strengthen the liver and strengthen the hair.

Other foods that can be mentioned include fruits such as apples, pears, dates, and spices such as ginger, mint, and chicory and chamomile teas that can help hair growth.

Black seed The secret of treating dandruff

Black seed is recommended for people who want to have dandruff-free hair.

Especially eating 21 black seeds a day or eating a mixture of honey and black seed, which is very effective in growth and the absence of dandruff in the hair.

Therefore, by using the right shampoo for the individual hair condition and proper washing and using hair conditioners that are approved by a specialist doctor, it is possible to keep the hair happy and help its health.

Also, by following a proper diet and receiving substances that are useful and perhaps essential for liver function, we can control hair loss, dandruff and other problems that have become a problem in people and have healthy hair.

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