The magic of parsley and lemon smoothie for weight loss

By preparing and drinking this simple concoction for just five days, you will be able to lose three kilograms of weight!

By preparing a magical potion, scientists were able to eliminate fat around the stomach with a herbal drink.

According to the results of a study, drinking a glass of this concoction daily on an empty stomach increases the body’s metabolism by at least 40%.


1 bunch of parsley
1 Lemon
1 glass of water

Parsley Chop them finely and add them Water Lemon And then Water this potion with empty stomach everyday drinkbut only for five days. Then, you Should a break Give your body 10 days and start the program again from the beginning. This potion is for Burn calories is used And Vitamins and Provides minerals to the body, And Furthermore, By using it you can Three kg less than Five days of weight loss have

20 November 2013 14:23

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