The main reason men’s noses are bigger than women’s

Human noses come in all shapes and sizes. But it seems that one of its characteristics is that men’s noses are larger than women’s. A new study from the University of Iowa concluded that men’s noses are about 10% larger than women’s noses, the difference in size, Researchers believe that different sexual constructions and energy requirements: Men, in general, need more oxygen to grow and maintain muscle tissue. A bigger nose means more oxygen.

During a research, scientists came to the conclusion that men have relatively bigger noses than women, which is the reason for the gender differences between men and women in energy consumption.

University of Iowa researchers say Men In general, they have more lean muscle mass, which requires more oxygen to grow and maintain muscle tissue. here Nose Bigger means acquiring and supplying more oxygen to the blood vessels and delivering it to the muscles.

“Nathan Holton”, one of the presenters of this project, says: We have shown the size of the body Men And Women increases during the growth period, Men In the respiratory area, Nose They grow bigger.

According to him, the difference Women And Men in size Nose It starts from the age of 11, that is, from the time of puberty.

It should be said physiologically Men From the beginning of puberty, they begin to grow more in their lean muscle mass Women At the same time, they grow more fat mass.

Holton believes that the same pattern exists in high-energy variables such as oxygen consumption, basal metabolic rate, and daily energy requirements throughout the day.

This finding also explains why Nose We are smaller than our ancestors, including Neanderthals, because they had more muscle mass and needed more energy to maintain their muscles. Nose They need a bigger one.

These researchers say that in modern humans Nose It has shrunk because our bodies need less oxygen than our ancestors.

According to them, the chest and lungs are also smaller in modern humans, which reinforces the idea that humans today do not need more oxygen than early humans.

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