The moods and moods of people who have been sexually abused

A person who has been raped and sexually assaulted in his life is mentally and physically damaged and suffers from a series of anti-social moods; how can he be helped?

A psychiatrist warned that the injuries caused by sexual assault can be very critical and painful, and said: “Anxiety, depression and mood problems, isolation and isolation and fear of being in society, a sharp drop in individual performance in various areas of social, academic, and professional life. and family is one of the injuries caused by sexual assault, which has negative effects on the person’s performance and daily life.”

Dr. Gholamhossein Quaidi stated: “Injuries caused by sexual assault may cause a person to be unable to do their daily tasks such as eating, sleeping, etc., and post-traumatic stress disorder is one of the most common and critical disorders that these people suffer from.” be. Nightmares and sleep problems are also common among these people. These problems in the first months after the rape can be very intense and paralyzing, and if the emotional and social support is necessary for the person to act, the situation may get worse.

He went on to point out that according to statistics, rape is mainly committed by men, and statistics show that 70% of rapes are committed by people who are acquaintances, and added: “Aggressors may be among antisocial people and have feelings towards women. Have higher hostility or sexual violence or low self-esteem. However, some studies have shown that violent people may also have sexual disorders. The results of other studies also show that these people have a higher sexual desire, and mainly due to a lack of proper understanding, their sexual desire has been associated with sexual compulsion.

Qaidi stated: “Some of these people rape other people due to failure in emotional relationships. Others may also feel inferior for reasons such as sexual attractiveness and appearance, and have been humiliated and blamed by women, and this makes them seek revenge through sexual assault. Therefore, people who are likely to have antisocial personality disorder or borderline personality disorder, or men who have sexual problems or low self-esteem, may be more likely to commit sexual assault. In some cases, rape was associated with other issues; For example, robbery with sexual assault or another type of sexual violence.”

The associate professor of the University of Medical Sciences emphasized that emotional, family and social support and specialized help can be very helpful in reducing the level and severity of problems, but it is very likely that these people will be involved in the consequences of this for a long time, he said: “Given that in some Societies, cultures and families, people who have been violated may be blamed by those around them and even rejected by their spouses, family and those around them, this causes people to suffer more severe injuries and even in some cases they are sexually abused by those around them. This cycle will be repeated for them for a long time. Therefore, you should not forget that emotional, family and social support and professional help can be very helpful in reducing the level and severity of problems.”

February 19, 2013 14:45

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