The most asymptomatic tumors are tongue tumors

Oral and tongue tumors are abnormal growths of new tissue in the mouth or tongue that do not spread to other areas of the body. Benign tumors of the mouth and tongue usually occur singly and with very slow growth over 2-6 years.

Painless tumors are a sign to prevent a very serious disease that should be taken seriously, according to the World Health Organization.

Otorhinolaryngology specialist Ramin Zaghi said: Salivary glands are divided into two groups, small and large.

He added: Large salivary glands generally have three pairs, two of which are parathyroid, two sublingual and two submandibular.

Jezhai admitted: Tumors are usually large and show themselves with swelling in the neck area. The important thing is the World Health Organization’s warning about how to deal with seeing a tumor in different parts of the body, because tumors are painless and symptomless in the early stages and gradually trouble the person, so they should be taken seriously.

This otolaryngologist said about the general symptoms of tongue tumors: Each tumor usually has three symptoms. The first is a wound that does not heal, the second is the presence of a mass, and the third is voice changes. Regarding salivary gland tumors, it should be said that the presence of mass, pain, disturbances in saliva secretion and sometimes enlargement to the point of paralysis of the facial nerve are its symptoms.

In the end, this otolaryngologist said: If the doctor diagnoses a tumor, that tumor must be removed, and depending on the type of tumor tissue, radiotherapy is also performed.

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