The most common diseases of working children

The head of the Department of Children’s Health of the Ministry of Health, referring to common diseases among working children, noted:

The psychological vulnerability of working children is a serious problem that is not paid much attention to.

Dr. Hamed Barkati said about the dangers that threaten the health of working children: the issue of abuse of these children is usually raised, if the three big problems of contagious, non-communicable diseases and emotional problems threaten these children.

According to this official, the neglect of these children’s guardians, the punishments given to these children at the workplace, as well as the relationships they find with people at the workplace and the types of behaviors they observe. It strongly affects children negatively, especially if these children are under the age of 12.

He Babian said that most of these behaviors in children cause bad and negative effects and destroy the child’s future. He stated: The issue of the psychological impact of these children is an issue that needs a lot of work, and the issue of working children should be looked at from this angle. did

The head of the children’s health department said about the possibility of these children contracting infectious diseases: These children are exposed to all kinds of common infections, and specifically, ringworm is more common in these children than other children.

Referring to the fact that these children suffer from all kinds of skin diseases, he stated: Unfortunately, these children are plagued by oral and dental problems and are affected by infectious oral and dental diseases, so that their oral and dental hygiene is mostly problematic. .

Barakati also stated in the discussion of non-communicable diseases of these children: Unfortunately, most of these children are malnourished and usually do not have enough nutrition from all food groups. For example, they suffer from diseases such as malnutrition and short stature, which are related to the lack of micronutrients, and the lack of all kinds of vitamins is seen in these children.

He related the short height of these children to their cognitive development process and pointed out that this has a great impact on the social and psychological status of the child. On the other hand, malnutrition and short stature are also synergistic and affect the cognitive development of the child, so that even their communication and expression development is affected.

The head of the Children’s Health Department said about the health care of these children: naturally, a system should take care of these children. Currently, the problem that exists is the guardianship of these children, and it seems that there is an interaction between welfare and the municipality in this regard.

He pointed out that when the support structure of these children can be seen, it is possible to treat these children from the health aspect, and reminded: Health care for these children should be free like all members of the society. Unfortunately, most of these children do not have birth certificates, and naturally they do not have health records, and as a result, they cannot receive services. If the problems of these children are not addressed, these problems will plague the society in the future.

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