The most common folk beliefs about boils

What are the factors that can cause pimples and acne on the face? Do you know the important reasons in this field? Do you know why your facial skin pimples? There are many misconceptions about this. There are various preventive and effective treatment solutions in this regard. You know the right and wrong of some beliefs in the following.

If your skin is usually pimples, you must have heard many stories about what causes pimples.

But in the meantime, what is true and what should not be believed? To clarify this, we discussed it with Hadley C. King, a dermatologist in New York:

Myth: Acne is a problem for teens.

When and how severely a person develops acne is largely genetic.

Although most people experience acne during adolescence, there are many who develop acne in adulthood.

Myth: You have to wash your face a lot.

Unfortunately, excessive washing of the face with soap and water can not help cure acne.

The causes of acne are many, with hormones, stress and genetics playing a major role, and none of these can be altered by washing the face. Bacteria can also play a role as they fill in pores. When the pores of the skin close, you are more at risk of pimples. Washing your face can be helpful in reducing this, but as mentioned, it can not be a definitive treatment for acne.

Myth: Sunlight can clear your pimples. It is completely wrong to say that sunlight helps clear pimples.

This weakens our skin’s immune system, which is not a good thing because we need an immune system to prevent skin infections and skin cancer.

We also know that too much exposure to sunlight can cause wrinkles and skin pigmentation. However, when you have skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, sunlight can reduce the inflammation associated with it and improve the condition over time.

Myth: Eating fatty foods causes boils.

Although certain foods can cause problems in people who are prone to boils, this belief is generally incorrect.

In fact, it is not the fat in foods such as pizza that causes boils, but the inflammatory elements that are the main culprit.

We believe that foods with a high glycemic index can aggravate acne because of their effect on the endocrine system and hormones.

Myth: Blackheads are just normal pimples that are contaminated. When sebum and skin cells accumulate in the follicles, you may get blackheads or whiteheads.

Blackheads are open and this leads to oxidation of the material inside it and its blackening.

When a hole closes, oxygen is prevented from reaching what is inside it and your boil turns white.

Blackheads have nothing to do with dirt.

Myth: Bursting a boil is not a bad thing. It’s a big mistake.

A wound caused by the bursting of a boil causes more bacteria to enter the wound and worsens the inflammation. Wounding a boil both prolongs its healing and may darken after healing.

Myth: Acne gets worse before it gets better. Have you ever heard of acne getting worse before it gets better?

“This is not true at all, but some people still experience it with certain medications, such as retinoids and Accutane,” says Kettering.

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