The most complete statements about hair extensions

Today, one of the most modern hairstyles for those who are fans of long hair Hair extensions Is. Hair extensions are hard work and require care. In addition to having benefits, extensions also have disadvantages that we read together and we also have recommendations for users of hair extensions that we read these topics.

No one cares about his low back hair anymore; It has been around 10 years since adding hair (extension) to the side of natural hair has become fashionable.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Nilfrooshzadeh says: Hair extensions and hair curling are widely used to increase the volume and thickness of thin hair today. Of course, depending on the technique of performing it and the skill of the person, sometimes it causes an increase in hair loss. Of course, more than 35 years have passed since this beauty process became common.

There are major types of hair extensions:

1- Natural human hair

2- Synthetic hair

Natural human hair may attract more attention from applicants, but this hair is very expensive.

Of course, you can choose the color of these extra hairs different from your natural hairs to be used as highlights or mesh.

If these hairs are of the right material and are added next to natural hairs by an expert, they will be completely mixed with natural hairs and will be unrecognizable. There are several ways to connect these hairs.

One of the simplest extension methods is that first a thin section of your hair is separated and a special sticky solution is applied a little above the hair roots and a thin section of extension hair is placed on it.

By means of a clip or a special tongs, these hairs are pressed together and the heat of the tongs melts the glue and the synthetic hairs stick to the natural hairs.

This method is known as thermal bonding. Of course, in addition to this method, artificial hair can be attached to natural hair with clips and thread.

Among other methods, Clip-on Extension, which is attached to one’s hair by special clips and can be easily removed at home.

Another method is twisting to other hair, which is attached to the hair from the root and twisted. In this method, like the previous method, the volume, thickness and length of the hair increases, but the possibility of hair loss and hair damage is more in this method.

In another method, the hair is attached to the scalp from below, which is done by professional technicians. In this method, the amount of damage is not as high as the previous method, but there is a possibility of hair thinning and hair damage.

Hair extensions can make hair look fuller and healthier, and even for some people with hair loss and thin hair, it is considered an alternative. But it should be noted that the use of extensions that are attached to the original hair multiplies the possibility of hair loss, because by pulling one’s own hair, there is a chance of damaging the hair follicle and breaking the hair at the attachment area. To reduce the disadvantages of hair extensions, the length of time the hair stays should be reduced and strengthening of other hairs should be done and connection methods should not be used as much as possible.

You can increase the length of your hair up to 26 or 30 cm. Pay attention to the fact that the longer the length and amount of synthetic hair, the more pressure will be placed on your scalp, because the weight of these hairs will increase.

High pressure may cause damage and loss of natural hair and thinning. The best added hair length for a woman of average height is 22cm or shorter.

Synthetic hair can be washed and softened just like natural hair. Special shampoos and lotions for extra hair are available in the market, which you can use while sleeping, swimming, etc. for more beauty and protection of hair.

Most extensions last about 3-4 months on your hair. Of course, the durability of these hairs depends on the person’s opinion and how to care for them.

If you want to know how long it takes for these hairs to grow away from the scalp, it should be said that the rate of hair growth is about 1.52 cm per month and about 15 cm per year. The older you get, the slower your hair grows, so it takes longer to leave your scalp.

Disadvantages of synthetic hair:

Some people also get headaches due to excessive hair stretching. Sometimes the glue or these artificial hairs themselves will cause sensitivity in the scalp.


1- Comb the hair with a very soft brush step by step from bottom to top.

2 – When you sleep, you should collect your hair on top of your head. Placing these hairs under the head will make them messy and tangled together.

3- You should not dye extra hair yourself at home.

4- To avoid tangling, always put your hand inside the edge of the added hair and pull it down.

5- Do not use tufts and other silicone-containing conditioners for added hair. This causes the hair to separate from its attachment point.


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