The most dangerous and harmful factors for libido

We all know that lack of sleep, a lot of work or a child’s illness can affect the marital relationship, but do you know that pets, mental busyness, etc. also affect it? If you want to have a good romantic relationship with your partner, take a look at the things we have brought you here.

These factors affect sex

1. Menstruation

Research has shown that women’s sexual desire increases during menstruation. Although this issue is not true for all women, during menstruation, the amount of estrogen and testosterone increases, and as a result, it increases sexual desire and pleasure in women.

2. Medicine

Medications that you or your partner are taking affect your sexuality. Although everyone knows that antidepressants have a negative effect on marriage, you may not know that many other drugs have the same effect.

3. The mind

The mind is the most powerful and important sexual organ of the body. You may be surprised that despite high estrogen and testosterone, you still have no desire for sex, but what matters is your mental preparation.

4 hours

Studies show that the hours of the day and night also affect sexual desire. Some couples prefer the morning because they are well rested, but for others, marriage means the last hours of the night. If you and your partner prefer different hours, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good marriage, you just need to be a little more flexible.

5. Pets

Having pets affects your sleeping hours and consequently your marital relationship.

6. Emotions

Emotions are one of the factors affecting the marital relationship. Research has proven that women who are emotional enjoy their marriage more and reach orgasm twice as often as other people.

7. Nutrition

Does nutrition affect marital relations? According to research, women who consume at least one piece of chocolate daily will have a better marital relationship than others. Don’t forget the effect of foods that affect sexuality.

8. Technology

Research has shown that 87% of couples go to bed with their cell phones or tablets, but know that this will negatively affect your marriage because of the distraction, even if you don’t answer your calls.

9. Breathing

Who would have thought that the way of breathing affects marital relations? Many women and men hold their breath during intercourse, which is wrong. You should focus on your breathing to provide more energy for the relationship. Deep breathing increases your pleasure.

10. Economy

Yes, of course, the stress caused by bad economic conditions has a negative effect on the marital relationship, but recent research shows that this situation does not have much effect on people who are in love.

These factors affect sex

11. Cigarette

We all know that smoking is bad for the body and is linked to diseases such as heart disease and cancer, but did you also know that the nicotine in it reduces sexual desire? So you have more reasons to quit smoking.

12. Television

As much as watching tragic movies keep you away from sexual activities or scary movies cause you stress and anxiety, watching erotic movies also increase sexual desire.

13. Book

Research shows that reading romantic books 3 times a week can increase sexual desire. Despite the busyness of life, there is not enough time left to think about love and marital relationship, so choosing a book with such topics will increase your focus and desires on these issues.

14. Sports

Exercise and movement improve marital relationship. When you exercise, you feel better about your body, and as a result, your self-confidence and, consequently, your sexuality also increases. People who exercise 3 times a week and for 1 hour a day, have more marital relationship, orgasm and satisfaction.

15. Condom

You may think that condoms reduce sexual pleasure, but in fact, this is not the case, on the contrary, a suitable condom can increase your pleasure. So leave thick or too tight condoms and use a condom that you feel comfortable in.

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