The most dangerous infertile jobs for men

Some jobs harm men’s fertility and cause them to fail in childbearing!

Dr. Hamid Choobineh stated: “In addition to genetic problems, environmental factors such as some jobs can cause infertility, such as welding, baking, working in a brick kiln, radiology, helicopter piloting and aircraft are among these jobs.”

“Some jobs cause infertility in men, but ways to educate these people can prevent them from becoming infertile,” said the director of the Red Crescent Infertility Treatment Center.

“These people are exposed to waves and radiation in their workplace,” said the official at the Method Infertility Treatment Center. Also, men who have to sit for a long time because of their job or put a laptop on their feet are more likely to become infertile.

Choobineh emphasized: with the necessary training to these people, their infertility can be prevented, and one of the activities of this center is to provide training to these people.

Choobineh said: “Roish Infertility Treatment Center provides preventive services to people who can give birth to babies with chromosomal and genetic abnormalities. In this regard, families with people with genetic disabilities who are afraid of having a new baby with a disability,” They can benefit from preventive services by visiting this center.

“Treating some cancers may destroy the reproductive system,” Choobineh said, adding that preserving the eggs and sperm of these people is one of the programs at the Infertility Treatment Center.

He added: “After recovery, these people can have children through their sperm and eggs, which are kept in this center.”

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