The most effective drinks on girls’ puberty

Some drinks can have a big impact on girls’ sex hormones and precocious puberty, including soft drinks and industrial juices.

Today’s girls seem to reach puberty earlier than their mothers, and researchers are looking for the causes. One of the cases that has recently been identified in connection with this phenomenon is the consumption of sugary drinks. Researchers at Harvard University say that girls who consume large amounts of sugary drinks mature earlier than other girls.

The study looked at more than 5,600 9- to 14-year-old girls between 2001 and 1996 and found that girls who drank more than one and a half cans of soda a day were on average 2.7 months earlier than girls who drank a week. They consume less than two cans of soda and enter puberty. Premature puberty in girls can lead to problems such as depression during adolescence and breast cancer in adulthood.

It is not clear why sugary drinks, which are dominated by carbonated beverages and industrial juices, cause premature puberty in girls, but researchers say that consuming sugary drinks can increase the body’s insulin levels, which in turn It itself increases the secretion of sex hormones.


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