The most effective substances on the decline of sexual power

Be careful about consuming some foods because they can have negative effects on reducing our sexual power!

Seyyed Javad Alavi said about foods that weaken the sexual power: consuming some foods such as vinegar, pickles, yogurt, and cheese without benefits harms the sexual power of people and weakens it, as well as smoking and watching indecent images for a long time. causes sexual weakness.

This expert of traditional medicine said: excessive consumption of lettuce, purslane, cucumber, kiwi, lemon, celery, barberry and sour apple causes sexual weakness. Mint, thyme or cinnamon.

Alavi added: Legumes such as chickpeas and beans or any seed that is puffy help to strengthen sexual power, although chickpeas are one of the best legumes that help fertility and strengthen sexual power.

He stated: Chickpeas have a moderate heat, so it is better to soak chickpeas for 24 hours, and consuming water soaked in chickpeas with ginger will increase erection for cold-tempered people.

This expert of traditional medicine said: Consuming carminative plants like cumin, esfand, marjoram, anything drying like hemp, millet, lentils, and cold and dry things like lotus, camphor, coriander, and saffron are very harmful for sexual power.

Alavi said: Sour and astringent foods such as sumac, sour apple, sour, orange rhubarb harm sexual power, also foods that have high moisture such as pumpkin, lettuce, cucumber and purslane are also very harmful, of course, these foods help to strengthen sexual power. Warm-tempered is useful.

He pointed out: The diagnosis of the weakness of the sexual power, which is hot or cold in nature, is the responsibility of an experienced traditional medicine doctor with university education. For the diagnosis and treatment of infertility and impotence, people can refer to the traditional medicine clinics of universities.


August 4, 2014 01:27

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