The most effective ways to prevent hair loss in men

Be aware of what you eat
A healthy eating habit can work wonders for thicker and thicker hair. Lean protein in fish, lean meats and soy promote hair growth, and nuts and seeds are rich in vitamin E and healthy fats to provide the oil the hair needs to keep hair soft and healthy. Even spices can help: Adding cinnamon to food can help provide essential oxygen and nutrients for hair.
Get hydrated
25% of hair follicles are water, and when your body is dehydrated, new follicles may become weak. Try to drink water throughout the day and eat foods that are high in water.
Eat your vitamins
After stress, genetics and medical problems, vitamin deficiency is one of the main causes of hair loss in men. To prevent hair loss, try to get all the vitamins your body needs from a healthy diet. Vitamin A helps regulate the synthesis of retinoic acid in hair follicles (although too much vitamin A itself causes hair loss). Vitamin B helps reduce stress levels, Vitamins C, D and E help the body stabilize the essential nutrients the body needs to stay healthy.
Ask an expert for advice
Ask a dermatologist how to prevent hair loss and he or she will likely tell you that you need to get active before it starts or gets worse. It is a good idea to consult a dermatologist who can diagnose exactly what is causing your hair loss. They can talk to you about the type of medications you are taking, the type of hair products as well as the impact of family history. The answer to your hair loss problem can be simply by changing a medication that has caused hair loss as a side effect.
Avoid rabbit tail hairstyles or other tight hairstyles
If you are a fan of hairstyles like rabbit tail that causes hair to be pulled, be very careful! This type of hairstyle causes a condition called alopecia areata, which means that the hair begins to fall out due to severe pressure, which damages the hair follicles. It may not seem like much when you are young, but your hairstyle will affect your appearance in the future.
Talk to your doctor about hair loss medications
When it comes to preventing hair loss, there are several medications that can help. One of the most well-known of these drugs is minoxidil, also known as rogin. Rogin is a drug without the need for a prescription that has been shown to prevent hair loss and even cause hair regrowth in some. Apply this medicine directly to your head twice a day because it has the greatest effect on the hair around the head and its effect on the front of the head is less. Finasteride or Propecia is a pill that should be prescribed and used daily. It is important to know that both of these drugs must be used continuously in order to have a lasting effect. Talk to your doctor about what medications to use to get the best results.
Manage your stress
Some men suffer from stress due to hair loss and this double stress adds to their problem. High levels of stress can cause many hair loss conditions, including telogen effluvium (a condition that essentially pulls hair out of the head), trichotillomania (a condition in which a man pulls his hair out of the scalp), and alopecia. Yeah Ata (when the immune system attacks the hair follicles).
The best thing to do is to manage your stress by re-evaluating the areas of life that cause these tensions. You can also use anti-stress techniques such as regular exercise and deep breathing.
Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
We all know that smoking and drinking alcohol can have terrible consequences for our body. But you may not know that these habits can also affect the hair. There are many studies that have shown that smoking and alcohol are complementary to hair loss. Smoking can cause problems that affect blood flow to the hair follicles. Drinking alcohol also reduces body water and reduces the absorption of nutrients.
Regular exercise can help
You know that exercise is good for your body, but did you know that it can also be great for your hair? Exercise is a proven way to reduce stress and can improve blood circulation and overall health. All this helps to encourage better hair growth.
Talk to your doctor about supplements
There are many supplements on the market to prevent hair loss and regrowth. However, to choose one of them, you must first consult with your doctor and then proceed to prepare it.
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