The most interesting and important information about sex

Be sure to remember these important and amazing facts about sex and the important factors that affect its quality among couples.

We all know some of the facts about sex, including the fact that healthy sex is a prerequisite for a successful marriage. But most likely you have not heard much information that this article gives you and

Some of them may even indicate that some of the information you have about sex is fundamentally wrong. Interesting research has been done on this subject and it has provided us with information about which we have never known anything before. Knowing the results of this research will help you have healthier sex.

1. Men with higher-income wives are more likely to develop erectile dysfunction

More money, more trouble? According to the February 2013 issue of the “Personality and Social Psychology” newsletter, this is the case. A study of more than 200,000 couples found that men who had even a small income less than their wives were more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. This difference also affects the income of women who earn more than their husbands. They suffer from insomnia and anxiety more than other women. But what is the reason behind these findings? Despite the rising percentage of women earning more than men, the social norm that men should be the breadwinners of the family has maintained its impact on the physical and mental health of both parties.

2. Men who work more at home have less sex

However, having a Cameroonian wife can help you with household chores. But according to the American Sociological Survey, the couple is not as sexually active as they are at home. According to a study of 4,500 couples, sex is less common in couples where men are more involved in household chores that are traditionally women’s responsibilities (such as cooking and washing dishes) than in couples where men are more likely to share responsibilities. They are based on gender and are traditionally done. the reason? Masculinity is felt more in a man who repairs home appliances than in a man who wears clothes. Of course, before you take any action, keep in mind that the statistics for this research started 20 years ago. Also, the research done is only about the number of times the relationship and does not provide information about its quality.

3. Couples who travel together have better sex

Traveling is fun enough, and a February 2013 study found that couples who travel together at least once a year have a better sex life. Of the 1,100 people surveyed, 77 percent of couples traveling together were satisfied with their sex lives, while 66 percent of those who did not travel were satisfied. Also, weekend trips are 83% closer to each other than small gifts. So it is better to give a carefree gift to celebrate your birthday or wedding anniversary and arrange a short trip for two.

4. Sexual promiscuity in early youth is directly related to drug and alcohol addiction in adulthood.

Statistics from a study of 1,000 people born in the 1970s, published in the Journal of Sexual Behavior Archives, show that those who engage in unrestrained sexual behavior in their early teens Once they are older, they are more likely to become addicted to alcohol and drugs. Substance abuse rates are especially 7 to 17 times higher among women. Researchers believe that the link between immorality and addiction is due to the fact that both depend on the degree of risk in the individual.

5. Sex reduces headaches

If you are one of those people who have gone all the way to get rid of the pain, it is not bad to know this as well. Such a hypothesis has existed for a long time. But a study of 800 headache sufferers and 200 migraine sufferers examined the hypothesis more broadly. Symptoms improved by up to 60 percent in migraine sufferers after sex and by 37 percent in those with headaches. The main reason for the reduction of pain after sex is the release of endorphin analgesics in the near future.

6. The average calorie consumed during sex is 21 calories

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, sex is not the only way to lose weight. According to research published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the belief that you burn 300-400 calories each time you have sex is completely wrong. Every time you approach, you burn 21 calories, which is equal to the energy you expend with a 2.5 mile walk. So it is better to get rid of this misconception and return to your normal pre-marital exercise program very soon.

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