The most natural and effective way to strengthen eyelashes

If your eyelashes are damaged by applying mascara or other cosmetics, you should wait for them to grow again. We must remember that the length of eyelashes is genetic, there are certain natural ways to strengthen eyelashes, for example, biotin helps to grow fast and strengthen hair. Vitamin B complex, which is found in some foods. This vitamin is soluble in water. It is found in sardines, walnuts, almonds, brewer’s yeast, bananas and whole grains. In addition, it can be found in egg yolks
It is said that the real beauty of the eyes comes from its eyelashes. Having long, dark and beautiful eyelashes makes the eyes look more attractive. For this reason, women are always looking for cosmetics that make their eyelashes look longer and darker. Mascara is one of the cosmetics that women use a lot.

There are many artificial methods to have long and dark eyelashes, but in this case it is better to refer to natural methods and use them. Here we mention these methods:

1- Use of oils:

Use olive oil or castor oil every night before going to bed. In order to do this, you need a clean mascara brush. Dip the mascara brush in your favorite oil and apply it to your eyelashes like applying mascara. If you don’t have a mascara brush, you can dip your finger in oil and apply it on your eyelashes. The next morning, you can simply wash your face and eyelashes and apply any makeup you want.

2- Vaseline:

Apply Vaseline to your eyelashes in the above way and leave it on your eyelashes all night.

3- Use of egg white:

You may often complain about your eyelashes falling out. If you want to strengthen them, just use the combination of egg white and castor oil. Pour a few drops of castor oil with some egg white in the blender and mix them thoroughly. Then, with an eyelash brush, put that mixture on your eyelashes and let it stay on your eyelashes all night.

4- Minimizing the time of using cosmetics:

Your eyelashes always need fresh air; Therefore, as soon as you get home, remove your eyeliner and mascara as soon as possible. Shorten the time of using cosmetics as much as you can and make sure that the cosmetics are removed when washing your face and eyelashes.

5- Avoid artificial eyelashes:

Artificial eyelashes damage natural eyelashes. Therefore, if you do not need false eyelashes, do not use them.

6- Dandruff check:

Eyelashes are severely damaged by dandruff. So, visit your doctor to make sure you don’t have dandruff. Dandruff causes the eyelashes to weaken and fall out.

7- Avoid serum to strengthen eyelashes:

Many people use cerumen to strengthen their eyelashes and eyebrows and they believe that cerumen is very useful, but since cerumen contains lead, it is harmful to the health of eyelashes.

8- Eating healthy:

Make sure your food is healthy. Try to consume healthy fruits and vegetables because they provide essential vitamins and proteins needed by the body. Also, add all types of beans to your meals. Fish, white and red meat are also very necessary for the health of eyelashes. In fact, it can be said that the internal health of the body causes its external beauty

Source – Meh Shu

February 6, 1392 09:36

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