The most suitable diet for people with kidney stones

Saeed Arasteh, a specialist in urology and kidney transplant fellowship, said about the factors influencing the occurrence of kidney stones: factors such as gender, family history, age, low water consumption, hot weather, excessive sweating, and having underlying diseases such as metabolic disorders in the occurrence of stones. Kidneys are involved. So that Men At the age of 20 to 45, they are more susceptible to this condition.

He stated: With high salt consumption, the percentage of urine saturation changes and the possibility of stone formation increases. Unfortunately Iran It is located on the kidney stone belt. In a study conducted about 10 years ago, this complication was highly prevalent in the western and southern regions of the country.

This urology expert stated that fortunately, due to the further development of ultrasound and other diagnostic tools, stones with larger dimensions are seen less today, adding: high-risk groups such as: Women Pregnant women, children, people who have one kidney and people who have infectious symptoms such as fever and chills along with kidney stones, or whose urine has been interrupted due to the presence of stones, should be taken in the direction of treatment Kidney stones act very quickly.

He emphasized: 5 to 6 mm stones have a chance of spontaneous expulsion, but stones larger than 6 to 7 mm have only a 10% chance of expulsion. In general, the bigger the stone, the more chance of self expulsion It itself becomes less.

Arasteh stated: If the stone remains for more than four weeks, even if it has created an incomplete obstruction, it can cause damage to kidney function. Therefore, the absence of pain does not necessarily mean that the stone has passed, and there is a possibility that the stone has moved.

He in particular diet Patients with kidney stones said: Diet It depends on the type of stone, but in general, people who have this problem should drink plenty of fluids and avoid using too much salt and Red Meat avoid

This kidney transplant fellowship reminded: contrary to the common belief that dairy products should not be consumed, the use of low-salt dairy products is necessary in moderate amounts for kidney stone sufferers, because calcium consumed with oxalate is absorbed in the intestine and oxalate is excreted more. As a result, the chance of stone formation decreases, but the use of calcium tablets or syrup may increase the chance of stone formation, so people with kidney stones must be careful about the use of medicinal calcium. Doctor Consult yourself.

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