The necessity of teaching sexual issues to children

You must have heard the name of the movie “His girls don’t scream” or you have seen this movie. In the meeting that the director of this movie had, regarding the subject of this movie, which was child abuse, Mrs. Pooran Derakheshdehnede to investigate preventive solutions in this field. He discussed payment and issues such as raising children, educating parents before having children, and the necessity of sex education for children.

Puran Derakhsandeh, the director of the movie “His Girls Don’t Scream”, said: I don’t know why families are not given the necessary training on how to deal with their children, and we think about treatment after the incident.

“Parenting” specialized meeting; A good supervisor, a bad supervisor” was held on Monday, September 1st at the Salamat Film Festival, and health experts and artists such as Puran Derakhsandeh, Setera Eskandari, Fleur Nazari and Nima Raisi, as well as members of the “Bad Supervisor, Is Lonely” campaign, discussed topics about parenting, supervision of The children discussed the types of education that should be given to them and…

This meeting was accompanied by the screening of the movie “His, Girls Don’t Scream” and Puran Derakhshandeh, the director who dealt with the issue of sexual abuse of children due to parental neglect in this film, emphasized the responsibility of parents in raising children, and said: We must allow artists. Enter social spaces and take steps for people’s growth and awareness. Artists can play a role in the health of mind and body, self-care issues and the definition of parents and the role of teachers in raising children. A child needs the love of his mother and father, he needs to be seen, child is not just a word, but its importance lies in the responsibility it brings.

Derakhsandeh continued: Unfortunately, some parents are inattentive to their children when they are at home, but children need to be seen and need to talk to someone. In my film “Hey Girls Don’t Scream”, when the traumatized child talks to his parents and teacher, they attribute his mood to malnutrition. Just giving medicine to the child is not the way to treat the child, and we must go beyond that and refer to a psychologist and psychiatrist.

This movie director also expressed his satisfaction with the formation of the “Abusive is lonelier” campaign and said: We need to ask ourselves and the officials why we don’t think about prevention, why we don’t give the necessary training to families to deal with their children and only after it happens. Are we looking for a cure for the accident?!

Children are wrongly exposed to cyber space

In the continuation of this meeting, Dr. Mitra Hakim Shoushtari, a child psychiatrist, said: We are now in the period of transition and expansion of virtual media, which is wrongly provided to children. Unfortunately, children these days are seeing sexual images and videos in cyberspace. Sexual abuse is not only sexual behavior, but when a child is exposed to movies that are inappropriate for their age and with sexual content, they have been sexually abused in some way. We have been talking about the necessity of sex education for children for many years and we should explain the private parts of the body to them from childhood, fortunately these days families are getting these trainings, but more efforts still need to be made.

He continued: The necessity of sex education for children starts at the age of four, and he must learn that no one else has the right to see and touch the private parts of his body, except for the mother during the bath and the doctor during the examination. We need sex education workshops for parents to provide them with such information and for them to pass this education on to their children.

In addition, Dr. Yamani, director general of the population, family and school health office of the Ministry of Health, said: A child’s behavior reflects the behaviors and educational issues of his parents; But the question is, what have we done to improve parenting methods?! I think we have a long way to go to reach our ideals in this field. We have tried to teach communication skills to children and familiarize families with educational strategies.

He continued: In a society where many words are taboo, we must provide education to children. We wish that this goal becomes a need and demand. We have to teach our children what harms there are in the society, and basically, the intention of harming children is considered a form of harm to them.

This expert emphasized: Sex education is not an issue that can be presented to children in any way and anywhere, and if we mistakenly only tell these things to children, it will not cure the pain. Expressing sexual issues to children should be To be done in an educational manner and very carefully and sensitively.

Dr. Yamani also said about childbearing and child rearing: At one time the focus was on population control, but now due to the need for population growth, emphasis is placed on childbearing. However, having children requires some background in order to face the correct education of the future generation, the young and educated class is expected to bring children, which also requires the participation and help of artists. The impact that a television or movie can have is huge, as we wanted to talk about AIDS for years and it was not possible, but now a series is being aired that provides the necessary education to people in the form of a film.

Proper upbringing helps damaged children

In this meeting, Dr. Seyed Ali Azin, a specialist in social medicine, emphasized the need to gradually improve children’s behavior and said: “Talking about root issues and solving general problems should be done over a longer period of time.” But you can start with small behaviors and gradually solve the root problems.

This expert emphasized: Sometimes there are misunderstandings in the sexual education of children, we should know that in the education of children, we are not supposed to tell them every subject, but we should pay attention to their age conditions. Education is like food, and just as the food of a two-year-old, four-year-old, six-year-old and older child is different, teaching them is also different. Like food, training should not be stopped but should be age appropriate.

In response to whether a child who is sexually abused is capable of psychological recovery or not, he explained: this injury is so heavy that it can affect different aspects of a person’s life for years; But this issue depends on culture and the conditions of the society.

Dr. Azin emphasized: “In other countries, we see that it is easier to talk about sexual harassment than in our environment, and even famous figures talk about their experiences in this field, and people see that they have gone through these difficult experiences and succeeded. This issue It makes it easier for the victims to bear these conditions, but in our country, if a person is raped, because of the views of others, he finds himself at the end of his life.

The concept of child labor should be defined correctly

Fatima Daneshvar, a member of Tehran Islamic Council, also referring to her experiences in the field of supporting injured children, said: When I heard about the issue of the abuser’s campaign, I was happy that the society still pays attention to the abuser’s child. 10 years ago, when I founded MehrAfarin Institute, my intention was to start an institute to help the poor; But later I realized more important issues and problems that children with addicted parents have.

He emphasized the need to define the concept of working children and continued: The concept of working children must be defined correctly. Also, the worst group of injured children are abusive parents. Children whose mother is addicted and father is not present in the family. Unfortunately, the desire to quit addiction is very low among the mothers of these children, and some of them do not receive social support because they do not have birth certificates.

Referring to the situation of children who live in dangerous conditions, Daneshvar said: We have repeatedly asked the Ministry of Health and Welfare not to hand over children to mothers and fathers who are addicted or have severe mental disorders, but we still see this happening. I request the authorities to be more responsible towards these children.

This member of the city council stressed: The condition of working children, especially girls, is not good. As children, they are forced to submit to forced marriages, have unwanted pregnancies, do not have birth certificates, become involved in addictions, and many other issues that need to be addressed. During my work experience at MehrAfarin Institute, the most difficult experience we have had is the situation of a child born to an addicted mother, the desire of mothers to quit addiction is low, and due to the negligence of the guardian institutions and the parliament, the overflow of harm and the high number of children without birth certificates in the centers Harmful witness.

Flor Nazari, Ambassador of Mehr-in-Pouish, also said: “The day we decided to support abused children, we tried to raise many issues in TV programs.” I am happy that we brought up unsaid things that should have been said much earlier. Some issues need to be seen. We have been suffering from not being seen for a lifetime; Especially about abused children who are abused by their guardians.

Nima Raesi, the ambassador of Mehr Badsparast campaign, who was also present at this meeting, pointed out: It is strange to me that in the age of information, this campaign has not been covered by the media, and I hope that mobile phones, which are used as entertainment, will be used to introduce this campaign and activity. be used for charity.

Also, the Eskandari star said: It seems that the definition of abusive manager should be more specific. Prosperous and wealthy families can also be known as bad guardians for children in terms of mental health who are not qualified to take care of their children. For 30 years, I have been thinking about Judy Abbott’s words for Babaleng Daraz, who wrote that orphans are created for the charity of benefactors, and I believe that we should all do something for these children.

Shahram Gilabadi, the head of the political council of “The abuser is lonelier” explained: Since the percentage of authority of artists, sportsmen and scholars in our society is high, we decided to try to solve the shortcomings and problems of non-governmental organizations by taking the help of their popularity. fix it In the same process, we found out that there are problems about abused children in the laws, and the law is silent on this matter. Therefore, 400 elite people gathered together and with the help of lawyers and psychologists, we announced a letter to the officials of the three forces on the night of Imam Ali’s martyrdom.

Gilabadi also said about the results of Poish’s legal negotiations, “The abuser is lonelier”. Fortunately, until now, the judiciary has recognized Poish’s concern and has employed a special working group, as well as the social, cultural and judicial commissions of the parliament have focused on the issue, and good things are happening. is to give

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