The need to know general sexual information

Nowadays, it is very important for everyone to know the general information about sex, because sexual issues are connected with our daily life and if we do not have enough information about it, the possibility of making mistakes is high. It is also necessary to know general information for those who have formed a common life.

In the office, I have always tried to break down the veil of modesty between the doctor and the patient, to obtain complete information and a detailed history of the patient in order to give the correct diagnosis of the disease or to help the patient by guiding him, but there have been many times that the patient cannot Say something or ask. Internet is a stage where the questioner asks easily and raises his problems. Issues that he should know to live better and more calmly. Sexual issues are like other natural needs of the body such as drinking, eating and sleeping. Yes, the natural and God-given needs of human beings, and having information is a natural requirement of every human being. Even in order to live together in the future, girls and boys should know about the sexual issues of the opposite sex. have I have seen a case where a girl after marriage, when she saw her husband ejaculate, she hated this act by imagining her husband urinating, because she did not know about male ejaculation, and the first experience of intimacy in a woman plays a very important role in her desire for intimacy. He will have it all his life. Or a man who thinks that to tear his wife’s hymen on the wedding night, it is necessary to apply strong and sudden pressure in order to be a hero! But with this action, he inflicts such a physical and mental injury on his wife that the woman will be afraid of intimacy for the rest of her life. All these problems are from little information.

22 December 1392 19:18

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