The need to teach sexual health issues to schoolchildren

Knowing about sexual issues is one of the necessities of raising a child. An issue that many Iranian parents refuse to tell their children due to social conditions. It should be known that many husbands and wives who face problems in their relationship and their marriage ends in divorce, do not have full knowledge about sexual issues.

How can school counselors play a role in sexual health? Do they even have the competence to enter the dangerous area of ​​sexual health education?
Part of the duties of counselors in schools is to give these informations. One of the effective methods is public discussions and general awareness, which is considered the first step of prevention and is a discussion that everyone needs, and of course before a person has a sexual problem. Especially since sexual issues are taboo in our society. This awareness can be raised in the form of formal trainings and under the pretext of putting issues that must be taught, such as AIDS or the discussion of addiction, because sexual issues are related to other aspects of life. It can be individual counseling or group counseling or group training for middle school or high school students or publishing brochures that the counselor can prepare in this field. Of course, every counselor in the school, as a counselor, cannot teach sexual issues, it may be necessary to invite another counselor who has received training and is familiar with the issues. This is a dimension of the case, that is, it is a general dimension of the problem that goes back to prevention.

How can a counselor help when a student is having trouble at school?
Yes, this is the second dimension of the case, which can be called the “treatment” aspect, as opposed to prevention, and it goes back to the time when the problem has become severe, and in this case, treatment measures should also be taken. It goes back to the time when the problem becomes acute that we get treatment. For example, when the teenager suffers from moral deviation or is infected with AIDS or addiction, or when another counselor must take action. Usually there is a wider clinical action to be taken here, the counselor must refer the person to a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist or social worker who can be the link between the school and the family, which requires the counselor to be in contact with their upstream professionals. refer the student and then follow up because the person who referred may need hospitalization or deeper follow-up. We need more planning in this field.

Some believe that bringing up these talks and topics related to sexual health creates mental preoccupations for children and students, and as a result, children should not be given too much information. what is your opinion?
We say that a middle limit should be observed. This concern is true, but because of this concern, we cannot give our children the basic and needed information because then their curiosity will make them seek the answer from unhealthy and even deviant sources. We have to see that side of the case as well. At the same time, we must be aware that if we do not give the necessary information to teenagers according to their gender and age at this age, they will suffer from mental and psychological and even educational disorders when they become adults, and in addition, there is a possibility that they will be able to live a healthy and happy life. will be successful in the future, it will decrease, but the point here is that we have to convey the issues to the children gradually and in their place and to the extent necessary, and the necessary condition is that the counselor has established a proper relationship with the children so that when necessary, can give him training and answer his questions appropriately.

And exactly at what age should these trainings start?
In psychology, we usually say that when the person himself comes and asks questions, it is the best and most suitable age to give education. There we have to give the correct answer and in addition to answering the question, we must also convey other necessary information to him.

what should we do?
We should note that through education, we create the ground for attitude change. In fact, education is a means and attitude change is the goal. Our desired attitude is that people know that sexual health is a part of their mental health. Because changing attitudes at an older age is very difficult. The second point is that at each stage, a part of the issues should be taught so that the education will find a natural process, but if these educations want to rush all of a sudden, the person will have problems. The third point is that in the education of sexual issues, we are not supposed to discuss only sex. Peripheral issues such as establishing a relationship or privacy are also part of a person’s sexual education, which in some cases should be addressed from an early age.

The place of some education is in preschool and elementary school. Among other things, at this age, children should gradually learn privacy and that’s when our education becomes a natural process and not to let anyone touch them. These things should be taught to the child, in attractive and appropriate formats, according to the age of the child or teenager; For example, in ways such as shows, stories, puppet games with children.

From the third grade of elementary school to the first grade of middle school, it is a latent period, which means that sexual issues do not cause a person to be busy temporarily. In this course, the necessary education should be taught gradually and in such a way that the taboo is broken for the person, next to the moral issues, but if this education wants to attack all of a sudden, the child’s mind will be confused. In the education of sexual issues, we are not supposed to discuss only sex, surrounding issues such as establishing a relationship or privacy should also be taught.

Until this age, that is, before puberty and before going to high school, awareness is done in a general and indirect way, but when they reach the age of high school and puberty, some other issues should be raised directly for them, including things such as teaching skills Communication is like the skill of establishing a relationship with the opposite sex and the ways of correct emotional satisfaction and the threats in this field that can go beyond that state of public awareness.

We must all help. If we want to stay away from harms such as AIDS or moral deviations in our society or increase the compatibility of married life, if we want to have fathers and mothers who in turn raise healthy children and have healthy children, everyone must be determined parents, school officials, academics, experts and national officials, everyone and everyone, and this determination should be continued, not a sudden wave that goes away and everyone forgets after a while. These trainings should be institutionalized. If we neglect, we will have serious problems. Schools have a special role in this regard because between the ages of 6 and 18, our children spend the best years of their lives in school. If we miss this opportunity at school, when they get to university, they will be threatened again.

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