The negative effects of age difference on couples’ relationships

Does increasing age affect the sexual relationship of couples? We would like to point out the main factors affecting the sexual relationship of couples. The various effects of age difference on joint life have been examined in this section. It is better to study each one in this section and to know what you know. Add in this field.

Sexual relations are an important part of every couple’s life

Sex is one of the most important parts of life and it should be done in a mutual and cooperative way. Usually, during sex, people always try to get the most pleasure for themselves and bring their partner to the peak of sexual pleasure by doing different things.

Sexual relations are an important part of every couple’s life, and any factor that damages this relationship can lead the family to the point of collapse. The large age difference, both for men and women, is one of these factors. The big age difference between husband and wife causes some serious problems in sexual relations and satisfaction of couples. Infertility, infidelity, extramarital affairs, emotional divorce, inconsistency of parents in the principles of raising children, discouragement and despair, feelings of depression, etc. are among the most important negative consequences of this event.

The age difference sometimes takes the form of a “generation gap” and brings many risks for couples who are more than a decade apart in age. Emotional stability and maturity, personality, moral and physical characteristics and moving on a fixed line of emotional management of one party against the immaturity and inexperience of the other party, is the most important factor that overshadows the bottom of the communication scale in most aspects of married life. data and makes it unbalanced.

Old age and physical deterioration, the feeling of superiority and completeness, feeling obligated, questioning one’s behavior and feeling responsible for controlling the behavior of a younger person, etc. are among the concerns that usually plague the “older” spouse and the fear of loss. Giving a spouse, becoming bored and cold towards marital relations, impatience, the desire to be isolated, feeling regret and shy about being in public and introducing the spouse to friends and acquaintances, etc. are issues that the younger person constantly struggles with. .

The high age difference between couples has an impact on many family issues, especially marital issues and sexual relations of couples, for example, one of the problems is female menopause and male menopause. Usually, female hormones decrease between 40 and 50 years of age, and male hormones decrease after 50 years of age, and a person faces a phenomenon called menopause. This will be inevitable, perhaps the woman is still young and at the peak of her sexual excitement, while her husband has not been able to have sexual relations or is not able to have multiple sexual relations with his wife, although the opposite is also true. is, the inverse age difference and the fact that the woman is older than the man also makes it difficult for the couple to establish a marital relationship due to the physiological changes that occur in the woman’s body. Differences in expectations, non-acceptance and inability to meet needs cause suffering in the most private relationship between men and women.

Ways to increase the level of sex

Sex is one of the most important parts of life and it should be done in a mutual and cooperative way. Usually, during sex, people always try to get the most pleasure for themselves and bring their partner to the peak of sexual pleasure by doing different things. Both parties should be completely satisfied with the sex. Although you and your wife may have differences and problems in starting and ending sex because of the big age difference, you should know that this is not an insoluble problem, maybe you and your wife can resolve it by resorting to some treatment measures. overcome this problem medically and psychologically.

First of all, it is necessary to see a doctor and, if necessary, receive biological treatments, although psychotherapy is also useful at the same time. In the following, we will examine the methods of increasing the quality of sex.

Seek to have sex

Unfortunately, some couples who are involved with sexual problems, instead of solving the problem, erase the face of the problem and put a ban on sex forever or limit it to a long period of time, while having sex causes more It increases the sense of self-confidence and causes more emotional closeness between spouses. In order to improve the quality of sexual life, it is obligatory for the spouses to be with each other in the spirit of sexual intimacy at least once a week and get pleasure and comfort from being together in a suitable way, even if it is not sexual intercourse.

A positive body image affects sexual confidence

Researches show that sexual self-confidence and the feelings of men and women towards their sexual organs affect the quality of sexual pleasure. The more positive a person feels about his body image, the more self-confidence he has and the same amount. He will have more satisfaction and satisfaction from sex. Therefore, by increasing your self-confidence, increase the probability of reaching the peak of sexual pleasure. It is very important to love yourself and treat yourself the way you want your partner to treat you, think positively about yourself and your body. One of the ways to increase self-confidence is to ensure sexual health, although you may see visible differences in the quality and quantity of your sex due to age or age, but remember that when you are sexually healthy, you can undoubtedly Show dynamic sexual activities according to your age.

The high age difference between couples has an impact on marital issues and couple’s sexual relations

Rely on yourself

Despite the love and affection your wife has for you or all the efforts she makes to satisfy you, you must accept that your and your wife’s sexual urges are not the same in any way, therefore it is completely unreasonable to expect Whenever you are provoked, he is at your disposal. You need to learn how to control your needs from time to time, you should be able to accept this fact with complete confidence in yourself and your partner, when you are ready to have sex but your partner refuses this situation, this is completely normal and you have no choice. You have nothing but acceptance. As much as your partner tries to understand you and your needs, you should also be able to increase your understanding of these differences. A large part of this understanding and acceptance is completely dependent on your occasional reliance on yourself and the satisfaction of your sexual desire. If you are sure that your partner really loves you and pays attention to you, this will certainly be done easily and with ease. There will be minimal tension.

have a conversation

A couple’s disinterest and dissatisfaction with sex causes problems in the couple’s sexual life or other aspects of their life together, and unfortunately, many spouses prefer running away rather than finding a solution or solving the problem. ! But we recommend that before any adverse action, ask yourself how sexual incompatibility has overshadowed the quality of your life and what you should do to improve and correct it? It is better to discuss this with your wife to see if she knows that you are unhappy with your sexual relationship with her. We suggest that you don’t turn the conversation into a fight and don’t put all the blame on him, don’t criticize, don’t talk sarcastically, and never pose a problem in the form of a threat, just tell your wife very calmly about the differences in your sexual attitudes. There is, you don’t feel satisfied; Share your thoughts and frustrations with your partner quite frankly, then give him another chance to adjust and adjust and wait for the result.

Look for variety

Even the most exciting person in a sexual relationship will get bored if the marital relationship is repeated for him. To avoid sexual monotony, you have to be a little creative and introduce variety into this relationship. Many desperate spouses consider watching porn images and videos as the only way to escape from the bitter truth of cold sex life and diversify their relationship, while immoral porn videos show unrealistic sex techniques that are mainly based on sexual intercourse. is, they show that actually performing any of those positions is beyond the ability of a normal person and is something beyond reality and illusion.

You can learn new caressing methods, new positions and movements to create joy and diversity in the relationship. We recommend that you research and read about different contact methods, try and experience them to learn how you can give and get pleasure from your partner. On the other hand, expressing sexual fantasies increases the level of sexual intercourse. Talk about the thoughts you’ve been thinking about before having sex or doing things you’d both like to do, and do them if you both agree. If you have a lot of fantasies in your mind to make sex more interesting and hot, which may not be welcomed by your partner, we recommend that you try new methods, styles and fantasies halfway through the stimulation, maybe the best time. To talk about this and accept your offer, is the moment when the sexual partner is aroused and cannot stop expressing his feelings. Remember, never put your foot further when provoked and don’t act regardless of limits and respect for your wife because you will lose all her trust. Reassuring about boundaries and not deviating from the principles is necessary and necessary, you should always remind your wife that talking about sexual fantasies does not mean doing them and they will always remain the same fantasy.

be calm

Research has shown that more than 70% of work, job, personal and social stress affects people’s sex life, and low sexual desire also minimizes the possibility of reaching orgasm, so it is recommended to improve sex and its dynamics. Let’s leave life’s problems behind your bedroom door and enter the bed with sexual confidence from each other.

Modify your diet

Consuming seafood improves sexual performance in both sexes, following a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, olive oil and fish is also very beneficial. On the other hand, consumption of alcohol, smoking, caffeine, and inactivity cause sexual dysfunction and should be minimized.


Exercise is very effective in raising the quality of sexual relations of couples. Doing sports such as swimming, walking, cycling, running, abdominal exercises, etc. strengthens people’s sexual powers. Research shows that people who are over 55 years of age, who are always exercising and have regular sexual activity, are fitter and healthier than younger people and have the sexual ability of a 40-year-old person. What should be emphasized at the end is that it is important to preserve your marital relationship at any age according to the characteristics of this era. Many emotional and real divorces are rooted in the improper functioning of couples’ sexual health.


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