The new generation of milk will be much more useful and full of properties

Researchers have recently developed a new type of milk that has a very high nutritional value compared to other regular milk. To produce this milk, a variety of cockroaches have been used. We want to point out the benefits of this milk for our body. In the future This milk will soon be available for general consumption and widely.

A team of scientists has discovered a protein in the digestive tract of cockroach cockroaches that has amazing properties. This protein is 4 times more nutritious than cow’s milk and researchers believe it can feed the world’s growing population in the future! Although most cockroach cockroaches do not produce milk, the body of a cockroach beetle called Diploptera punctate secretes a “milk” to feed its young, which contains a special protein. The fact that insects are also able to produce milk is really amazing and fascinating. But researchers are even more surprised that one of these proteins provides a lot of energy to the human body, which is three times more than buffalo milk. It is clear that milking cockroaches is not possible in practice. For this reason, researchers have decided to analyze the genes involved in the production of this protein and eventually be able to produce similar ones in the laboratory. “These compounds look like a complete meal because they contain protein, fat and sugar,” says one researcher. “If we look at its protein structure, we find that they also have all the essential amino acids.” Currently, these researchers are trying to produce similar compounds with greater effectiveness and less impurities than the natural milk of cockroach beetles. A report on their study has been published in the IUCrJ.


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