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The Real Dangers of Using Prescription Drugs for Weight Loss

In the current age, where losing weight is super important for most people, many solutions have been brought forward to fix the problem of weight loss. The only problem is that people are not looking for long-lasting solutions like dieting and exercise; they usually prefer quick fix solutions, ignoring the health complications associated with these short-term solutions.

Due to the increased desire to lose weight fast, TV commercials and other media like the internet have been on the forefront to advertise the magical weight loss pills, of course leaving the side-effects out.

The Big Question: Are Diet Pills for Everyone?

According to a recent journal by the American Medical Association (JAMA); there is no sure way to weight loss for obese people that are entirely independent of diet and activity (“activity” here refers to exercising in order to get rid of the weight naturally).

However experts acknowledge that the use of diet pills is real and is widely used in America and across the globe. They warn that the only way these pills can be effective is only when one qualifies to be obese that is: have a BMI of 30 and above.

With the increasing number of people becoming overweight and obese (due to lifestyles, poor diet and lack of exercise, many pharmaceutical companies have stepped their foot forward to seize this big opportunity in production of diet pills.

Many people take these pills out of desperation to undo what they have destroyed themselves (good health), oblivious of the shortcomings and consequences. This trend has made the victims unsuspecting of any diet pills they are given as long as they are promised of weight loss.

Real Dangers Associated with Prescription Pills for Dieting

When a manufacturer releases a product to the market, a lot of times they do not care about the consequences of the ingredients. They only care about is the return on investment. Hence even in the diet pills industry the same norm is followed. It is therefore very important to take caution when buying these pills as most of them will pose one or more of the following dangers:

Heart Attack and Stroke

This is one of the most deadly and scariest side-effects. There is a very high risk of subjecting the users of the diet pills to heart attack and stroke. One case in point is the Ephedra – a Chinese herbal based diet pill. This pill was banned after it was linked to increasing the vulnerability of the cases to heart attack and stroke.

Kidney and Liver Damage

Quite a number of diet pills have been linked to kidney failure, liver damage and affecting other body organs. For example, the Adderall, which is an ADHD used as a diet pill, has numerous side effects that people are not aware of- commonly known as Adderall withdrawals.

Lung Diseases

Phentermine and fenfluramine are ingredients that are used globally to manufacture diet pills. Although there is a warning that they can only be prescribed by a doctor, even then, a high number victims have been found to be suffering from lung and kidney disorder after using these pills.

Blood Pressure

Cardiac related complications and increased blood pressure are a common reaction to the intake of these prescription weight loss pills. There are 4 highly recommended ingredients when manufacturing these weight loss pills, these are: benzphentamine, phendimetrazine, amphentamine, and phentermine. Although they are highly recommended, they still account for quite a reasonable number of people who have suffered increased blood pressure after using pills with these ingredients.

NB: Only those doctors who have in-depth knowledge of about a specific individual should prescribe these types of drugs.

Mild Side-Effects of Prescription Weight Loss Pills

Just like with tobacco manufacturers and any other item with side effects, even the manufacturers of weight loss always put these warning on the packaging leaflets. However, this has made the users of these pills psychologically prepared of the side effects, as long as the ultimate goal of losing weight is achieved. Some of the mild side effects are; diarrhea, parenthesis, dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, restlessness, and dizziness among others.

The only danger with this kind of mentality-that the ultimate goal is the only objective, is that some of these mild side effects may become severe and long lasting; especially when the pills are used for a long period of time.

Hence the consequences might be dire. One of the most dangerous consequences is the dependence on appetite suppressants, as one will be subjected to the use of these prescription drugs forever. If in the future one stops using these pills, this comes at a very huge cost; withdrawal symptoms.


While the use of prescription weight loss pills cannot be banned completely, it is an area where the users should approach with caution. Initially it is supposed to be a win-win situation for the pills manufacturer and the user, but it ends up that the user loses and becomes a dependant on these pills.

Pills are not entirely bad, but if you have to use them they can only come to supplement a good diet and exercise. Hence step your foot forward, start exercising and eating a good diet and pills might as well work for you.


Contributing Author: Valerie Brusamarello is a graduate of the University of Missouri; she can be found around the web writing about subjects like addiction, weight loss, and mental health issues. She’s also a dog mom, yoga practitioner, traveler and foodie. You can read more of her writing at Adderall Addiction Support.

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