The reason for the decrease in sperm count in men

After reviewing about 200 scientific researches, the researchers of Aerobic University in occupied Palestine came to the conclusion that in the last 40 years, the number of sperm in the sperm fluid in men of North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand has reached half.

The findings of this study show that sperm concentration has decreased by 52.4% and sperm count in men in these continents has decreased by 59.3%. This study also shows that the trend of decreasing the population of men living in these countries has continued and it is possible that this trend intensify

Dr. Haqi Levin, the main researcher of this project, says that he is “very worried” about what will happen in the future. He said: “Eventually, we may have a problem with reproduction in general, and it is possible that this problem will lead to extinction. The human race will come.”

This study evaluated 185 researches in this field that were conducted between 1873 and 2011.

In contrast, in South America, Asia and Africa, there has been no significant reduction in production sperm Unobserved men, although researchers emphasize that there have been much fewer studies in this field in these continents. Dr. Levine is concerned that eventually the sperm count in these places may decrease as well.

Dr. Levine says it’s urgent to find out what’s causing the sperm count to drop, and find ways to reverse it as soon as possible. He said: “We need to take action in this area – for example, better monitoring of man-made chemicals – and we must do our best to fight against cigarettes Let’s continue drawing and obesity.”

But experts believe that the results of such studies should be treated with caution, “the issue has not been resolved yet and a lot of work needs to be done.”

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