The reason men are interested in sex

Why are men’s interest and desire to have sex more than women and they show their desire more in this field, what factor caused this, how can this be understood.

Are women’s brains really smaller than men’s brains? Are men’s brains more powerful than women’s brains? Are the female brain and the male brain different?
Are men’s brains more powerful than women’s brains? Today, it has been proven that the difference in brain volume and size in men and women is influenced by their size and body mass. Therefore, it cannot be said that women’s brains are smaller than men’s, but that everyone’s brain is somehow proportional to their size. In addition, the number of brain cells and the relationship between these cells play a large role in a person’s cognitive, motor skills, etc.

Also, until today, the available scientific evidence has not confirmed the differences in mental cognition in the brains of men and women, and one of the important factors in the formation of these differences is our environment. In addition, many parts of the brain are still unknown.

This is why these issues and differences between the brains of men and women are always discussed with caution, because absolute and accurate evidence has not yet been found to show:
Are women’s brains really smaller than men’s brains?
Are men’s brains more powerful than women’s brains?
Are the female brain and the male brain different?
Do men or women understand more?
Or is the processing speed of women’s brains higher or men’s?

The gender brain

Apart from genetic issues, we must see:
Are the brain structures of men and women really different?

In a research, brain imaging of more than a thousand men and women shows that the brain nervous system of women and men is completely different and their different attitude also comes from this fact.

The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Ragini Verma of the University of Pennsylvania, and her colleagues looked at 428 men and 521 women between the ages of 8 and 22.

According to today’s neurosciences, there are circuits in the brain, and the connection between circuits and brain neurons creates many female and male characteristics. For example :
– Men have better orientation ability
-Women have very good verbal and visual memory and are more capable than men in analytical issues.
– Men are generalists and pay attention to the generalities of everything, but women can remember every subject with the smallest details.
Men’s brain connections are more inside the two hemispheres of the brain, while women’s nerve connections are more between the right and left hemispheres. This causes men to have better motor skills and women to have better analytical and sensory thinking.
– The neural connections of men’s brain are from the front to the back of the brain, and in women, these neural connections are from the left to the right. This feature makes women have better verbal memory and social skills, while men’s motor skills are stronger.
– There is more gray matter in the brain of women. This article is related to computing power. While the percentage of white matter in men’s brain is higher, which is related to nerve connections.
-Women tend to solve various issues quickly, men insist on challenging others.
Women’s brains are wired for multi-structured responsibilities, and men’s brains are wired for a complex single responsibility, whether that’s reading a map or cooking a meal.
– On the other hand, women, for example, are better at remembering a face, and this means that there are better connections between different parts of their brain.

If we look carefully at these differences, we will realize that all these things are necessary for the evolution of the human race and for the survival of the human race, there are differences in the physical and brain structure of men and women, and none of them are signs of the weakness of one sex and the strength of the other. is not!
In a part of the brain, there is a gland that controls sexual behavior, which is larger in men and smaller in women. This is why men’s sexual desires are stronger than women’s, and this issue is completely consistent with the basis of the continued survival of the human race.
– There is a part at the end of the spinal cord that is responsible for orgasm in both men and women, but this part is bigger in men.

Therefore, all structural differences in the brains of women and men are caused by physiological issues that are expected from men and women.


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