The right time to have a marital relationship

Benefits of a Moderate Marital Relationship

Moderate marriage itself has many benefits in the body, which can increase the body’s innate heat, expel body wastes and prepare the body to absorb nutrients. It is also joyful and eliminates bad thoughts and obsessions.

Of course, sexual intercourse should take place at the right time, which is the best time for 2 to 3 hours after eating and after rest.

This traditional medicine expert believes that sexual intercourse after a long bath, when the abdomen is full and when the abdomen is very empty, harms the body.

– Sexual intercourse at the wrong time causes the disease. If sexual intercourse takes place immediately after eating, it causes weakness of the body, weakness of the nerves, joint pain and the production of bad mixtures in the body.

The law of the third volume states that non-sexual evacuation causes serious physical and mental injuries in men and women. It reaches the heart and brain and leaves serious effects on these two important organs.

Source: Naqla

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