The risk of sore throat in children for their bones

During extensive research by doctors in Canada and Switzerland on thousands of children with sore throats, they found a type of pathogenic bacteria to be an important cause of joint and bone infections in these children. “Kingla” bacteria plays an important role in causing these dangerous infections at a young age.

Studies show that the presence of a type of bacteria in the throat is associated with joint and bone infection in children.

In this study, it is stated that the presence of a type of bacteria in the throat of children can indicate the presence of the same infection in their bones and joints. The results of this study can lead to the improvement of treatment methods for deadly and dangerous infections.

Doctors used to believe that most bone and joint infections in children are caused by bacteria such as staphylococcus and streptococcus, but now experts are able to identify the causative bacteria. infection have better performance.

In this study, doctors studied 77 children in Canada and Switzerland who were 6 months to 4 years old and had bone and joint infections. Then they compared these children with 300 other children.

According to Health Day News, specialists with diagnostic methods found that the majority of children under the age of four suffer from joint and bone infection caused by Kingella bacteria. In addition, it was found that these bacteria were present in the throat of 70% of children with bone/joint infection.


18 September 1396 12:13

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