The role of nutrition in acid reflux disease

When stomach acid goes the wrong way, it flows into your esophagus, or the tube that connects your throat to your stomach, which is calledAcid reflux into the esophagusOr in short GERD they say. Its symptoms include chest pain, cough, and swallowing problems; Especially when you are lying down. Of course, sometimes it also causes a piece of food or a sour liquid to return to your mouth.

1- The role of foods

What you eat has a big effect on GERD. There is a long list of foods to stay away from. Foods such as chocolate, onions, acidic foods and red meat. But there are foods that may help, or at least not make it worse. For example, thin chicken breast packed with protein; Chicken breast is a food that is very easy to digest. You just have to make sure that it is completely skinless, then you can cook it or fry it in a little oil and eat it.

2- Water

If you suffer from stomach reflex you are, the best drink for you is “water”. Sweet drinks are possible acid reflux to provoke; Alcohol and acidic fruits also irritate stomach acid. Fizzy drinks can add more gas to your stomach and cause you to burp, which in turn makes your symptoms worse.

3- Ginger

This root can help an upset stomach to calm down a bit. Try hot ginger tea. Stay away from caffeine as it makes it worse acid reflux can be You can chew a little dried ginger. You just have to read the label well to make sure that there is no sugar in it; Because sugar may also cause irritation acid reflux to be

4- Watermelon

A fruit that has little acid and causes less irritation to your stomach. On hot summer days, no fruit quenches your thirst like a slice of watermelon. Cantaloupe and cantaloupe are also good choices because they are low in acid.

5- Brown rice

Looking for side foods that cause aggravation reflux Can’t your acid also? The solution is to use complex carbohydrates; Simple carbohydrates such as white rice, sweets or sweet drinks are very easy to digest and for acid reflux are not good; But complex carbohydrates like Brown rice Instead of its white version, it has a longer digestion and for reflux is also better. Compared to white rice, brown rice also has extra fiber, which helps.

6- Oatmeal

This breakfast combination is full of minerals. Bacon, sausage, pancakes, and donuts can all make things worse acid reflux become Oatmeal is a better choice. It has a lot of fiber that fills you up completely and gives you energy for hours. But be careful of the compounds you add to it; Ingredients such as cream, sugar, syrup and dried fruits. All of these can make the symptoms worse and irritate them. Instead of them, you can mix fresh fruits with it.

7- Potatoes

This root vegetable is very good; As well as other root vegetables such as carrots, turnips and wild turmeric. These are all full of healthy complex carbohydrates and digestible fiber. But remember not to cook them with garlic and onions; Because these two vegetables can acid reflux provoke you

8- Olive oil

Your body needs fat to function properly; But fatty foods can make GERD symptoms worse. So you should be careful about consuming fats like butter or margarine. Instead, you can use healthy fats such as olive oil, or other vegetable fats that suit your mood. Of course, you should remember that you should use them in small amounts, because they contain fat and calories and may make your excess weight worse.

9- Lettuce and celery

acid reflux It makes your stomach full of gas; After foods that can make it worse, such as beans and Dried fruits stay away Mild greens like lettuce and celery are healthy, low in calories, easy to digest, and won’t cause more gas in your stomach.

10- Fennel root

It has a licorice-like taste, a mild sweetness that can help relieve stomach discomfort that has both GERD symptoms and GERD symptoms at the same time. You can grill it and eat it as a main dish, make a sandwich with it as a side dish, or add raw pieces to your salad.

Translated by: Sima Azadfalah

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