The smartest beauty techniques you’ve ever learned!

These are the tested experiences of women who have experienced these things over time, you too try these convenient and affordable methods and share your experiences with us and if you know a specific case, tell us too!

Washing your face with baking soda: Remove dead cells from the surface of your skin by using baking soda once or twice a week. I’ve made washing my face with baking soda a part of my weekly routine since about 20 years ago when someone close to me revealed the secret to her amazing skin. I mix half a tablespoon of baking soda with a little water to make a paste and massage it on my face and neck. With this method, in the long run, my skin is very soft and refreshed and looks great. At the same time, the cost of a package of baking soda is very cheap and low.

Even if you add a few drops of olive oil to your moisturizing cream a few times a week, it will bring you healthy and shiny skin. I learned this from an article written on the benefits of olive oil. I’m one of those people who don’t like much makeup, so I keep my face beautiful with proper hydration. Although I am now in my forties, no one would believe it.

Since normal towels cause irritation and wear on sensitive skin, my mother taught me to dry my face with a baby towel, which is soft and has high absorption power.

Years ago, when I was in the shower, I realized that I had run out of body hair cleanser, so I used conditioner instead. This solution made my skin so soft and silky in 90 minutes that after that I decided to always use hair conditioner instead of cream. Advantage: one less can of cream and the bathroom is less crowded.

After I complained to the makeup assistant that my mascara was always dry and stiff, she suggested that I close the mascara tube tightly and put it in boiling water for 3 minutes to restore it to its creamy state. (Not expired mascara, of course.) This solution has saved me from terrible makeup and losing my lashes, and even from wasting money on mascara.

My hair is very thick and whenever I put my hair in a ponytail, it would come loose until my stylist taught me how to do two ponytails. I divide my hair into two equal parts (top and bottom) and secure the bottom part with a rubber band, then comb the rest of my hair into the first ponytail and tie them together with a rubber band. The bottom ponytail bears most of the weight of my hair, and that’s why the ponytails you see are nice and strong.

As I get older, my eyebrow hairs get thicker and stiffer and grow against the direction my eyebrows sleep. I spray a little hairspray on a mascara brush and apply it on my eyebrows. By the time I wash my face and throughout the day, my brows look full and groomed.


2 December 2013 23:09

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